Career in data science


In today’s world Data Science throws light on how a particular industry works and will work in the future. Data collected has worked as a source of information in many industries. Data Scientists are in demand everywhere, whether for automating the processes, developing the artificially intelligent products, helping organizations decide their marketing strategies, searching for new business opportunities, and enhancing the existing one. Expert Data Scientists are needed in every organization to be one step ahead in the tough market competition. Their demand is paving a path for a bright future for students and existing professionals in various organizations. 

For starting a career in data science, skills like coding, knowledge of analytics, unstructured data, statistics and how to communicate with the customer are required. Upskilling yourself and training in Data Science will also serve the purpose of taking a step towards data science. This industry has an abundance of opportunities, so the market welcomes those with open arms who have the required knowledge and training. Learn at Data Science Online Training at 3RI Technologies.

In Data Science, one can work as:

Business Intelligence Analyst: As the name itself indicates, they analyze the business and market trends to get a clear picture of the company position in the market.

Data Mining Engineer: They analyze the data related to business and create algorithms that can further drill in the data to get the required data results.

Data Architect: Data architects communicate and convert business needs into technical forms. They are required to develop an architectural design of the database framework for an organization. They mark the data standards and are also responsible for methods to be used to integrate, update and protect the data. 

Data Scientist: Data scientists analyze and understand data. They explore the data patterns in the data and analyze them to measure their impact on the business. They are also there to get the solutions that will help it to move forward in the market.

In today’s world, companies are using data scientists to drill in the data and find solutions to be a step ahead in the market. Many other opportunities and designations are waiting for people working in the field of Data Science. Big names like Oracle, Apple, Microsoft are hiring data scientists to mark their progress in the field. Apart from being a lucrative field Data Science has its pros and cons

Opinions in favour of Data Science are: 

1. High demand as compared to supply

Data Science is the fastest-growing job sector as per Linkedin. Very few people are competent enough to fulfil the demand of the field. So, it is less saturated compared to other IT sectors. Data Science has ample of opportunities. It demands a highly skilled workforce, but the supply as compared to that is low. 

2. Data Science is Versatile and highly paid career

Data Science has a requirement in various fields. It is being used in the health-care industry, banking, consultancy and numerous other industries. Therefore, one can work in the field of choice, giving a job-satisfaction. Glassdoor states that Data Scientists earns an average of $116,100 per annum. This makes Data Science a highly paid and lucrative career option. 

3. Data Science a prestigious sector 

As the job of Data Scientists is to analyze use the data for beneficial purposes. They are required in many organizations to make better decisions and for their progress. So, they hold an important position in the organization.

4. Less efforts and more gains

Data Science minimize the efforts as the industries have now become automated as compared to the repeated tasks. Based on Machine learning and data usage, companies have made automated products to perform the required tasks with less efforts. Here the historical data has a lot of importance and has helped a lot in generating smart devices.

5. Life savior and personal growth

Data Science has rescued many lives as now it has an extended hand towards health industry. With the advent of numerous machines in this sector, early detection of diseases is possible and early treatment. Data Science gives one a problem solving and analyzing attitude contributing to one’s personal growth.


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