CBD Benefits and Its Alternatives: Tinctures, Oil, Edibles, and More


CBD, a short name for a compound known as cannabidiol, is one of the main cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Although there are more than 480 of these compounds found in the cannabis plant, as mentioned in this article, only a few of them are capable of causing effects to the body to the point of it being noticeable.

One of them is fairly known in the cannabis community: THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol. This compound is well known for being psychotropic, meaning that it is capable of getting us high to a certain extent, of course depending on the amount of THC consumed and the quality of the plant or product providing it.

THC is very present in the cannabis plant, and it is the reason why medicinal cannabis is capable of getting us high to a certain extent, but what if I told you that most CBD-based products contain really low levels of THC, thanks to being derived from another plant? 

This is the reason why cannabidiol is a more reliable compound for medicinal purposes since they come from the hemp plant, a plant with really low levels of THC. Still, there’s a lot of people wondering whether they should invest in products acquired from it, just because they don’t really understand how it actually works.

In this article, though, I will provide valuable information regarding how cannabidiol is capable of providing health benefits, and what are the benefits you can enjoy from medicinal products composed of it. 

There are many CBD products that are available which you can try to get effective results. If you want to consume CBD with taste, you can try CBD gummies while you can try CBD cream to apply on your skin if you don’t want to ingest it in edible form. If you are facing issues with a sound sleep, then you can buy CBD capsules for sleep which are very effective. Let’s see how CBD products deliver us the benefits and what are the different ways to consume it.

The Endocannabinoid System

Something we have to cover to understand how THC and CBD are capable of affecting us is the endocannabinoid system. It can be simply described as a very complex composition of neurotransmitters located in several areas of our bodies, mainly recognized for being affected by cannabinoids. 

In case you are interested in knowing more details about it, you can check this article https://www.healthline.com/health/endocannabinoid-system, but we will cover the main aspects of it.

Firstly, these neurotransmitters are directly and indirectly related to several physiological functions of our bodies, from influencing the inflammatory responses of our body to injuries and physical conditions, to affecting things like our mood, appetite, five senses, and memory.

The reason why THC becomes psychotropic is that it can toy with these neurotransmitters in a way that alters how we perceive reality, as well as some of the physiological functions mentioned above. It is also the reason why cannabis is used for medicinal purposes.

Thing is, cannabidiol is pretty much capable of achieving the same results. But what are the benefits we are talking about?

Why People Use CBD and Medicinal Cannabis

First of all, the main reason people actually use these products is that, in comparison to more traditional forms of treatment like anti-inflammatories, pain killers, and sleeping pills, side effects are pretty harmless.

You see, these drugs are capable of causing damage to our systems in the long term run, damaging our livers, and causing mental and physical side-effects in the process. For example, sleeping pills are linked to things like depression and lack of motivation, and pain killers can affect our concentration and decision-making skills.

On the other hand, although CBD and cannabis are still in their young stages of research, they are much less harmful, and side effects can be easily avoided by reducing the dosage. Some of these side effects include things like diarrhea, dry mouth, and nausea, but they are very uncommon, which is the reason why is it recommended to start with small doses.

Health Benefits

Most people use both things to fight pain-inducing conditions like cancer or injuries, and it has become a very popular alternative to fight inflammatory diseases like arthritis. 

There are also people who use it to fight sleeping disorders like insomnia thanks to its relaxing capabilities, and the way it reduces the production of cortisol: the stress hormone.

CBD, though, has been gaining a lot of popularity as a method of treatment for pets as well, thanks to having really low levels of THC. Just so you know, THC has been proven to be toxic to animals, just because of how their endocannabinoid systems work, with it being more sensitive in animals.

Research has also concluded that cannabidiol might be a really great alternative to epileptic seizures in the future since a study conducted on over 120 people showcased a 32% reduction of epileptic seizures! 

Methods of Consumption.

There are multiple ways to consume CBD. The most commonly used one is oil, and you can find oils that can be consumed through the mouth or vaping oils that can be smoked. Both work differently, though.

Regular oil can provide results after some time, due to how the digestive system works. With that said, the effect tends to last much longer, around 3 hours. Vaping oils, however, can provide a much strong, quick effect, but lasts for 3 parts of the duration of the effects caused by regular oils, around 1 hour.

Edibles are very similar to regular oils because they pretty much cause the same effects, and the same can be said of CBD tinctures, however, a lot of people prefer these options because of their taste and texture. 

Edibles are a little more discreet as well, which might be better for those who need their medication when they are working, but oils and tinctures can also achieve this purpose.

In comparison to that, vaping oils and smokeable flowers might not be the best alternative for those who want to take their medications under working hours, since you can’t just smoke whenever you please. Still, these two alternatives might be better for those with pain-inducing conditions that are unbearable, thanks to its results.

Overall, picking the right product depends entirely on you, but bear in mind that all of them are capable of achieving the same goal, so don’t worry too much if you can’t decide. 


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