Coin Guard Merchandise Greedfall Quest Guide

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You can earn extra big bucks by guarding the coin in Greedfall. Here is an easy-to-follow guide on how to do it.

How to Earn Extra Cash Greedfall coin guard merchandise

To gain access to this game, you need to download the app called “Greedfall”. 

The game comes with a great feature that allows players to gather coins that are dropped by enemies during combat.

 If you’re successful, you’ll be awarded with up to three free gems every day (for one week).In this guide, we’ll help you maximize the amount of coins that you can get by simply guarding Greedfall’s coins.

Minimizing Battles In Greedfall Coin Guarding Mission

In order to fight the strongest enemies in Greedy Fall, you need to head towards the four Minis Bosses. But, if your party does not contain a character who has a defense-type skill, you should avoid fighting them all together. 

You don’t want to risk getting hit by all their attacks. It is recommended that you do it one at a time until one of them is defeated.In this guide, it is strongly suggested that you bring at least one character equipped with a defense-type skill that reduces damage from attacks. 

This skill is very useful for taking on all four Mini Bosses.

Choose A Small Party For Greedfall’s Mini Bosses

The first thing you need to do is assemble a team of players with the best combat skills. It is highly recommended that you select three players for this quest out of your six characters.

Then, you should pick the first character who has the highest defense stats and equip him with items that can increase his base defense stats (he should be more than 150).The second character that you will need has a high damage output (at least, base damage over 200). 

The third character will be part of your party but he’ll act as a spectator. He will not attack at all.

Greedfall Coin Guarding Party

The last character should be someone you can trust. The person who holds the Greedfall coin is the only one who can win extra gems.

 You will need to give this person a gem or two to increase his stats, depending on the Mini Boss’ HP.

Greedfall Coin Guarding Tips

Each of these battles takes place in separate stages. The first battle, which is against the Mini Boss called Screwfist, will require your party to fight 4-5 enemies at a time. 

So it is recommended that you fight them as far as possible from your previous location as that will give you time to heal up and also increase your distance from them until they reach you again. 

You may want to bring some healing potions or multiple types of healing items because if you decide to fight these Mini Bosses in one single battle at any spot, you will lose it all.

Greedfall Coin Guarding Save The Best For Last

The second battle will be against Dumbbells, after that it will be Metalbeak, then Brass-Beak, the Mockingbird. Save the best for last.

 If you are successful in defeating them all eventually, you can get up to 3 gems every day for up to two weeks. So it is worth the effort if you’re trying for extra rewards.

Keep In Mind That Greedfall Coin-Guard Party Is Required To Defeat The Mini Bosses

In this quest, you’ll need a party of up to three players. If you end up in a battle with a Mini Boss, your total party can’t exceed three characters.

 Keep in mind that players in your party do not have to be exactly the same but they should be equally strong. If not, the person who has the strongest defense or damage output will determine who wins or loses.

The easiest way to win this quest is by trading the Greedfall coin with someone else who is currently guarding it and getting them to fight for you while you stay seated and do nothing.

 This way, you’ll get two gems every day for two weeks and the person who holds the coin will be able to win it back without losing any money.

If you don’t want this to happen, make sure that your players always engage in a battle (you can do it even without trading) and also make them try attacking as much as possible. You can also freely trade people if you think that they’re not strong enough. 

Regardless of how you end up doing this, Greedfall Coin Guarding is among the quests that will allow players to increase their stats (defense and damage) which will help them level faster. It won’t take long before you’ll be able to reach level 10 and unlock all of your magic spells.


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