Creative Ideas To Design Your Rakhi This Year


It celebrates the deep & unequivocal love that a brother & sister shares. In India, this is one of the most famous & notable festivals of the year. Sisters eagerly wait for this special & unique day to get spoiled by her lovely brother. And all the brothers look forward to making the exceptional promise of protecting their sister from any evil that might befall them. It is one of the most precious moments among the two the whole year. The day of Raksha Bandhan implies everyone going back to their parent’s house to celebrate this day with full glory.

Every year you tie a Rakhi on your brother’s wrist, asking him to be your protector till eternity. Over the years, the tradition of tying the Rakhi has changed and moved on to its family function. Everyone gets off their work and makes proper time for family. So, if you are looking for some creative and exciting ways to design your special Rakhi for your brother this year, this guide might come in handy. There are many ways to prepare your Rakhi to make it different & good looking from the rest of them. This year you can also get an appetizing happy birthday cake to celebrate this day to its full glory.

A Hand Made Rakhi 

This year if you want to go all out and get creative for the Rakhi, try making the Rakhi from scratch with all the DIY ingredients. Making the Rakhi from scratch might turn it into the most beautiful Rakhi you have ever given your brother. If you are a creative & resourceful person, making the Rakhi by yourself would be an excellent idea for someone like you. There are many elements you can use to make the Rakhi more unique and different. You can also add the Rakhi elements that your brother & you can relate to; it will make the Rakhi all the more special.

Along with your hand-made Rakhi, you can also add some chocolate that your brother would love, and an appetizing happy birthday cake & some flowers if you would like.

A Funny & Lovely Cartoon Rakhi

If you have a younger brother or just a brother who is still into cartoons, you can get him a cartoon design Rakhi this year to make his day. This Rakhi will add to all the fun & love to the day. There are a zillion cartoon characters to choose from when picking the one which your brother would love on his Rakhi. If he is young, then a mickey mouse or Chotta Bheam could be your pick. If he is older, but still into cartoons, get him something with Power Rangers or Marvel on your Rakhi. Choosing a Cartoon Rakhi for your brother is not an easy task; it will undoubtedly require you to do some research before picking the one perfect for your brother.

Seed-Plant Sapling Rakhi

If you are looking for something eco-friendly & exciting for your brother’s Rakhi this year, the new seed plant sapling, Rakhi is the talk of the town. The remarkable thing about this Rakhi is you can plant the Rakhi the next day after you have worn it. It is a lovely & resourceful way to make use of the Rakhi after the day of the festival. Many people tend to hold dearly on to the Rakhi every year, which their sister sends them every year without fail. Planting the Rakhi the next day to grow into a beautiful & magical tree one day seems like a very noble day.

This day of Raksha Bandhan goes back decades, even centuries, and needs to go forward for the many coming years. Raksha Bandhan is one of the most striking & caring traditions we have in our country and needs to be celebrated to its full glory each year. 

If you are worried about getting a cake on this rush day of Raksha Bandhan, then you can always order cake online. You can get any cake you want, quickly delivered right at your doorsteps. All you have to do is select the cake you and your family would enjoy this precious day and order it. Even if you are not there with your family to celebrate this day with your brother and family, then do not forget to send out your love & heart to your brother with the most luscious & creamy cake and a wonderful Rakhi & some flowers to apologize.


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