Crop tops: The Trendiest Outfit in Town

Crop tops

Summer is the best season to wear stylish and trendy clothes that show a little skin. The crop top is a chic outfit that shows off one’s midriff and can be worn to the beach while going for a vacation or even a casual stroll down the street. This adorable and peppy outfit can make one look extremely elegant and funky at the same time. It is a versatile attire that can be worn with jeans, sweatpants, or even a skirt. 

Crop tops are also known as a belly shirt, cutoff shirt, or midriff top. They are a piece of garment that exposes one’s navel or midriff. People began wearing them in fashion shows from the 1930s onwards, but they gained widespread attention and popularity only from the 1960s. They are highly desired for their glamorous and alluring appearance.


There are a wide variety of midriff tops, depending on the taste and preference of the wearer. Long sleeve tops are great for people who want to have more arm coverage and need a garment that looks slim and sleek. Retro tops are ideal for those who desire to look classy and modern at the same time. Graphic tops are for people who want to look unique and stand out amongst a crowd. Off-shoulder tops are lovely for those who don’t mind displaying their shoulders. Sports tops are for ladies who prefer to be comfortable and look good at the same time. There are many more styles to custom t-shirts choose from, and there is something suitable for everyone. 


Midriff tops come in a wide range of fabrics and materials. There is nylon, rayon, polyester, silk, cotton, denim, velvet, and even knitted tops. Cotton and denim fabrics are soft and light on the skin. Velvet and silk are luxurious materials that look gorgeous and feel delicate. Nylon, rayon, and polyester are purchased for their smooth and silky texture. Knitted and woven fabrics are worn for comfort and cold weather. 

Bottom Wear 

Crop tops can be worn with any bottom wear. They look great with denim, palazzos, harem pants, leggings, skirts, shorts, and even maxi skirts. Tops that are worn with long skirts look sophisticated, elegant, and formal. They can be paired with denim that is a high waist, flared, or even has a bootcut for a more casual look. Midriff tops are matched with cotton palazzos for a casual look and a silk palazzo for a dinner party or celebration. They also look great when paired with shorts to wear to the beach.


A variety of accessories can further enhance the appearance of midriff tops. Tops that are worn along with long skirts can be paired with jewelled necklaces and statement earrings. Casual tops for a trip to the beach can look even better with a floral crown, shades, and a sun hat. Midriff tops also look great with choker necklaces and give off a chic and stylish look. For those who want to look formal but not overly fashionable, their midriff top can be paired with a medium-sized chain and a small pendant. Some people also love to show off their stylish top by getting belly button jewellery or piercings.


Midriff tops are one of the trendiest and fashionable styles in contemporary society. They look great with just about any bottom wear and can be worn for all kinds of occasions.


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