CUET last-minute preparation tips

preparation tips
preparation tips

CUCET exam is one of the most popular and competitive exams in India. So aspirants must follow the perfect strategy and timetable to score well and secure a good rank in the CUET exam.

The CUET is Common University Entrance Test. The Central Universities Common Entrance Test is a common entrance exam that the National Testing Agency conducts for admissions into 45+ central universities in India. All central institutions in India will be required to use the CUET score, administered by the National Testing Agency (NTA), as a standard exam for admission.

In this article, we have listed some last-minute tips that every aspirant should follow to score good marks in the CUET exam.

Some tips for last-minute preparation are as follows. 

1) Revise your notes properly and read all the main points

Revision is the re-visualization of the concepts which you have learned

before. It would help if you did a consistent revision on a daily, weekly, and

monthly basis to retain all the concepts.

If you follow all the above steps, you will surely score well and get

admission to your dream university with a good rank. On the day of the CUET exam, you should refer to and revise your short notes and formulas so that you can remember them for the exam.

Revision of the notes helps you to perform better in the exams. By doing a revision of notes, you get a quick overview of all the important questions, topics, formulas, and diagrams in your CUET exam syllabus.

There are some revision techniques as well as mind maps and flash cards. You can take help from these resources to boost your preparation for CUET exams.Revision helps you to remember the facts, important topics, and methodologies that you covered some time ago.

Doing a revision of your notes regularly, it increases your confidence and reduces anxiety, and you will be well prepared for your CUET exam. 

2) Point out your strong and weak points and work on them.

Invest about 20 to 30 minutes on yourself and identify your strong and weak points and make a chart on it. 

In the section on strong points, note down the topics you are confident about. And on the other hand, in the section on weak points, note down the issue which needs more improvement and needs more attention.

This way, you can concentrate on the topic which needs more attention and revision of that topic.

3) Solve sample papers as much as possible and take mock tests.

Taking mock tests and solving sample papers are the best ways which help in the preparation of CUET exams. 

Solving previous year’s question papers helps you to revise all the CUET exam syllabus, as well as get an idea of how the paper will come in this year. 

Solve sample papers and previous year question papers you can get easily on the internet. solving sample papers and previous year’s question papers help you to improve your speed and accuracy.  

Solving sample papers and previous year question papers help you to understand the pattern of the paper, but the pattern of any exam paper keeps changing from time to time.

And also help in time management and you become confident with your writing speed and be able to complete your paper within the time.

4) Stay relaxed during exam days and believe in yourself, and succeed

It is natural to panic and be stressed out just before your exam. On the other hand, it is also important and necessary to train yourself to stay calm before and during an exam.

During exams, stay calm which helps you to write papers without any tension. If you panic during the exam there is a possibility that you can forget all the topics which you revise before the exam, and it also impacts your speed.

So don’t panic, stay calm and write the paper silently and complete it within the time and train yourself to stay calm and composed during your exams.

5) Manage your time during exams.

Managing your time during exams is the most important habit you should follow. Make the practice papers part of your revision. The best trick to manage your time is to practice doing it.

Get a virtual idea of how many questions come on paper and locate your high marks paper.

Answer the easy question first, and don’t waste time on questions which you don’t know how to solve, keep an eye on the clock.

And during exams don’t avoid that 15 minutes time which is given to you for reading the paper. And make sure that you will complete the reading within 15 minutes and don’t waste more than 10 minutes on one question.

If you are not sure about any question, leave it and move to the next question. Try to solve all the questions during the exam.


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