dcko’s race is actually a race of people who look a lot like us.

race of people
race of people

Dcko is a new virtual reality game created by the folks at Nihilistic Software and developed by Nihilistic Interactive. The alien race is actually a race of beings that live on a space station far, far away from Earth. So you can only get to know them by meeting them face to face. This was a problem when I first saw Dcko because he was wearing some sort of face mask and it was hard to tell if he was really a human or an alien.

After seeing more, I can honestly say that he does look human. A lot of people have come up to me and said that they thought Dcko looked like a human, but then thought that he was an alien, and that’s not the case at all. So yes, dcko is a human with some alien features, but it’s actually a lot more alien than you’d expect.

As a matter of fact, dcko is actually a sentient alien.

And that means he’s not your run-of-the-mill alien, either. He has a personality of his own, he’s a bit of a bad-ass, and he’s a little bit scary, like an alien version of Wolverine. The fact that he’s wearing some sort of face mask on is just a minor detail though and it doesn’t mean he actually has alien powers. Dcko is the new addition to Arkane’s new stealth game Deathloop.

With the help of a handful of new weapons and abilities, the game promises to be more immersive and more deadly than the last one. Dcko doesn’t exactly seem like the most likeable guy you’ve ever met though, so I’m not sure where to put him. He’s pretty cool. The game’s description says that he was “created” by the mysterious “Darkside” to help protect Arkane’s “Visions” who have been locked in a time loop created by the Visionaries.

It’s not clear if Dcko is actually a Darkside or if it’s just a way to explain the time loop.

It does make a little bit more sense that way though. The Darkside concept is probably my least favourite part of the game, but they’ve been trying to tie some of their time-looping events to Darkside throughout the game, so I suppose it’s hard to call him a traitor when he’s so clearly part of the Darkside and not part of the Darkside’s plans.

Dcko is an amnesiac with an eye for the ladies. Unlike the other amnesiacs, he’s not trying to keep a secret from the other men in his life, but rather to learn the truth about who he is. He’s even going to give the ladies a chance to save their lives. Darkside is not the place where Colt is being held captive, but rather the location where someone (Cactus) has planted an image of him, a memory of him, that will allow him to find his way home.

There’s a bit of a twist in the story of Dcko.

As with other amnesiacs, Dcko doesn’t know who he is, but he’s also not afraid of leaving the world of the men he knows. His amnesia is an affliction that has left him with a gift that allows him to walk back in time and tell the men in his life the truth about who he is.

It’s hard to say for sure, but I think we can safely say that Dcko is not the sort of person who would run off into the sunset with his memory intact. With the right kind of help, he can walk back through time and re-experience the entire history of the men he loves.

dcko doesn’t seem to be in any particular hurry to go anywhere else.

dcko is an amnesiac with a gift that allows him to walk through time and re-experience the entire history of the men he loves. What makes him different from other amnesiacs is that he’s not just running around in time, going back and forth and never remembering who he is.

He’s not just stuck in this time loop with no memory, he’s actually been here a lot longer than we ever thought possible. He’s been in this time loop for a long time. We’re told we’ll see him when he’s ready. But as with most amnesiacs, it’s not clear when he’s going to be ready. At the same time, we don’t quite understand why he’s still here.


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