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It takes years and sometimes months to decide the right material for your kitchen countertop. The countertop is one feature that makes a huge impact on the overall aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. Let this article just remind you that buying kitchen worktops Kent is a one-time investment that requires you to give a good thought before you place the order. Although kitchen cabinets also change the overall look of the kitchen it generally gives a fresh look to the kitchen while countertops become the talk of the town among the visitors. And if you choose a natural stone, then trust me you are bringing one its kind piece of earth that has a unique color and pattern. 

Deciding the perfect material for your countertops is not a piece of cake because you need to consider several factors including price, functionality, durability, heat resistance, stain resistance, and appearance. Price and budget play a very vital role in finalizing the right material of kitchen worktops Kent. Granite is one of the popular choices for many, but the fact is many can’t afford to buy it and have to settle on laminate. At the end of the day if you get a countertop that has good functionality is all that matters. 

Wooden countertops 

In wooden worktops, the wood used for countertops making is hard and rock-solid, yet relatively cheaper than natural and engineered stone in the variety of kitchen worktops Kent. It gives a warm and welcoming feel to all the visitors and never gets outdated. The discouraging part is that it needs to be handled with care and requires a lot of maintenance. You will need to oil and sand the countertops regularly maybe thrice a year. It isn’t a surprising fact that wood and water don’t have a good relationship which means the wood around the sink will need a lot of care. And if you plan to have wooden kitchen worktops Kent then keeps the budget of sanding and oiling in mind. In case if you wouldn’t have time to do it yourself, it will incur more cost if you hire someone from outside to do the job. 

Marble the ultimate choice

Oh, when we talk about luxury we cannot forget to mention the most luxurious natural stone called marble. Marble being a natural stone is one of its kind therefore you will not even find two same slabs. So let us tell you a little secret about choosing the slabs, visit the local stone yard and choose the most attractive vein pattern. The beauty of marble doesn’t fade over time and it remains to outshine overtime. The downside is, it is quite expensive and has low stain resistance.  You can expect marks of spilled marinara sauce or red curry.

The fact to accept is that luxury comes with granite and you can’t ignore this

Granite is the popular choice of kitchen worktops Kent among many people because it is one natural stone that can take a great beating. Owning a worktop for almost 20 years is pretty common which shows how durable this material is. Granite is also low maintenance and only requires to be polished after a year. 

Quartz worktops

If you want durable material then opt for quartz worktops Kent as it is a manmade stone manufactured keeping in mind the beauty and durability for a good selling point. This man-made stone can be cut and shaped intricately to fit difficult cuts. 

In your daily routine, if you want something scratch and stain resistant, quartz kitchen worktops Kent is the only option you can have.

In comparison to quartz, there are other materials as well like Corian, cement, and laminate steel that are used to renovate the kitchen in an organized way but choosing the quartz worktop is the wise decision one can make in this fast-growing world. To meet the needs of the kitchen, quartz worktops are the most reliable and durable ones.

In addition to this, in London, searching for kitchen worktops is no more difficult now because when you will step into the market, you will find the number of service providers ready to serve you and are situated nearby your area.


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