Don’t Ignore Ambien Addiction – Get Help at a Washington Drug Rehab

Drug Rehab

Did you know that in treating insomnia you could actually get addicted to drugs? Ambien’s purpose is to treat sleeping disorders; but, a person who starts taking this medicine every day soon becomes hooked on it.

Now, when this person discontinues the medicine, he finds it harder to sleep. This is called “rebound insomnia”, one of the withdrawal symptoms of ambien addiction.

Why should ambien addiction be treated at a reputed rehab in Washington?

If you are a resident in the state of Washington and have a loved one showing signs of ambien addiction, reach out to a drug rehab in Washington

You need proper medical attention to handle this kind of addiction. Along with rebound insomnia, a person trying to quit ambien may experience serious complications like delirium and seizures.

When you check your partner or friend into rehab, you can be sure he will get round-the-clock care and monitoring.

What is ambien addiction dangerous?

Ambien is basically a sleep-inducing medicine that is called a sedative-hypnotic. It is designed to help insomniacs get a good night’s rest. The drug had been introduced as an alternative to benzos that were found to be quite risky.

But, the truth is, ambien overuse too has long-term health risks. Chances of suffering from infections, respiratory problems, and reflux increase with excess use of ambien. Common side effects can be anxiety, aggression, depression, drowsiness, lack of coordination, slow responses, nightmares, and suicidal tendencies.

Long-term effects can be deteriorating sleep apnea, chronic sinus infections, reflux, laryngitis, etc.

When you develop a tolerance toward the drug, you start taking larger doses to drift off to sleep. But, instead of that, you start experiencing euphoria.

If you notice any of these addiction symptoms, you should seek help at once:

  • Buying the drug illegally
  • Driving under its influence
  • Combining ambien with drugs
  • Experiencing withdrawal from quitting
  • Taking bigger doses
  • Over-sleeping
  • Having strong urges
  • Trying to quit but failing
  • Using the drug every night
  • Visiting different doctors to get prescriptions for buying ambien

Any of these indicate that your loved one probably is addicted to the drug and needs medical intervention. For those who have been abusing it for a prolonged period of time, the symptoms can be more severe. Abusing ambien is lethal and can trigger panic attacks, agitation, hallucinations and delirium, seizures, irritability, restlessness, and tremors that cannot be ignored.

Can ambien addiction be treated?

Look for a “drug rehab near me” in Washington to get immediate medical assistance. Medical detox will flush out the drug from the addict’s system. But you need trained medical professionals to get this done.

Since there are risks of seizures, you should only do this at a reputed rehab. The staff there will have the expertise and means to monitor patients round-the-clock and give medicines as and when needed.

Once detox is done, treatment begins, and the entire team at the rehab decides which course of treatment will deliver the best results. You may be advised to check the patient in for inpatient treatment when addiction is severe. If the condition isn’t severe, he may be advised outpatient treatment. In this, you can bring him to the clinic for individual and group counseling, but he can be at home otherwise.


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