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For those who don’t know, Dunkin Donuts is a large chain of coffee and baked goods. In the US, there are more than 12,000 Dunkin Donuts locations.

In this blog post, I will provide a breakdown of all the different job opportunities available at this company and what it takes to succeed in applying for them.

To begin with, the most common job titles for Dunkin Donuts are:

Coffee Brewer/Barista 

Coffee Roaster/Compounder Assistant/Shift Leader (24 hour) Counter Worker (Part-time and full-time) Crew Member (Part and full time) Electrician –

 Dishwasher – Janitor Manager (Full and part time) Sous Chef – Floor Manager – Service Manager (Full and part time) 

Restaurant Supervisor Store Team Lead (Full Time) General Mgmt Lead (Full Time) Supervisor (FULL TIME AND PART TIME)*

 Marketing Coordinator / Sr. Marketing Coordinator (Full and Part Time) Food Service Sales 

Representative (Full and Part Time)

Customer Service Representative (Full and Part Time)

Dispatcher (Part-time and Full-time)

District Manager (Full time only)

General Manager (Full time only)* Assistant General Manager (FULL AND PART TIME)** Shift 

Leader/Shift Supervisor The List goes on…                                                               

*There is no difference in the responsibilities of a “full time” and a “part time” supervisor. *

*A General Manager is in charge of multiple Dunkin Donuts locations under the parent company. 

An Asst. General Manager, on the other hand, is in charge of one location only. This position is open to both full and part time applicants.

** A Shift Leader/Shift Supervisor is a supervisor at a Dunkin Donuts location. 

This position can be open to both full and part time applicants (Depending on the situation).

Let’s now break it down by business segment:

Dunkin Donuts has two segments that they operate under:

Franchise Stores Corporate Owned Stores                                                                              

Franchise stores are owned and operated by franchisees, NOT the parent company. 

However, as previously stated before, there is no difference in responsibilities between a franchise store and a corporate owned store.

 Corporate owned stores are directly managed by the parent company, Dunkin Donuts. 

Corporate owned stores account for about 75% of the total properties in the United States.                      

Franchisees operate their store(s) under a “franchise agreement” with Dunkin Donuts. 

This agreement allows them to use the rights and trademarks that Dunkin Donuts has to offer and provide them with operational and marketing assistance.

 Franchisees remain independent business owners and can hire their own employees without consulting with Dunkin Donuts, 

as long as they adhere to the operating standards set out by Dunkin Donuts. 

This clause is a requirement of a franchise agreement with Dunkin Donuts. Franchisees typically cover all the costs required to run their store(s).                 

         Corporate owned stores are directly managed by the parent company, Dunkin Donuts. 

Corporate owned stores account for about 25% of the total properties in the United States.

There are a total of 5 different levels of management you can achieve at Dunkin Donuts.

In this table, I have listed all the positions you can achieve at Dunkin Donuts. 

The title “Manager” as it is written here refers to a corporate owned store as well as a franchise store.

 In order to apply for these positions, you must have previously been employed by Dunkin Donuts in a managerial role within the last 90 days.  

Below is an outline on how to move from job to job….


 Any applicant with a managerial position above will be notified before they can apply for another position at the company. 

An email will be sent explaining what the next step is.

Open Position:

 An application will be sent out by the managers assistant to applicants above, introducing them to the manager of the branch where they applied.


 After receiving notification of an open position, you will be asked to go and interview with management and discuss all positions available.dunkin donuts careers 

During this interview, they will:

1: Ask you about your career at Dunkin Donuts- Ask detailed questions about your manager positions. 

This is so they can pick out individuals who have proven themselves to be loyal, hard working and reliable employees.

 2:  Ask you about your goals and career goals.

 This is so they can pick out individuals who have a long and successful career ahead of them and who want to remain at the company.

 As the manager, they will be looking for people who will not only stick by Dunkin Donuts, but also stick with their current job until retirement.

 Obviously, if you are thinking of quitting this job after a year because you want to relocate to another state to start a business, 

this is NOT the company for you. 3: Ask you what companies, other than Dunkin Donuts, have been a help in your career. 

This is so that they can pick out individuals that have a lot of job experience and will be able to provide valuable skills and abilities to the company. 


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