Easy Ways To Facilitate Construction Nicknames

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Every profession has their own method of giving out nicknames. For example, if a company creates an app with a really cool name, they’re more likely to be ok with people calling it something funny than the Department of Transportation would be to let them keep calling it “mon-key-DOOH”. In construction, you see the same pattern. 

Sometimes, nicknames are given out for safety reasons because a project is under close supervision by either city or state agencies that require quick action and easy identification for workers on site. Construction nicknames are given out really easily in these circumstances because they are designed to be short and easy to remember. Though nicknames have been used for years, the convenience that comes with using them is really only starting to be understood now as people have started to embrace construction culture and start using the “N-Word” as a nickname.

Construction nicknames make construction easier. They do this by making communication easier between operators and supervisors with their workers on site. Some nicknames are shorter than others and can get people thinking “Oh! I didn’t realize that was my nickname!” on a much deeper level than just the constant reminder of their name, once removed, by their nickname. 

Easy Ways To Facilitate Construction Nicknames :

1. Call Workers by Their Nickname.

Calling workers by their nickname helps create a bond between them and you because it makes them feel like they are being directly addressed when they hear their nickname.  Once a worker hears his nickname, there should be a greater probability of them realizing that the operator is talking to them because well that’s their name!

2. Allocate More Than One Nickname For Each Worker.

It is not uncommon for construction sites to have workers with the same name on site at the same time. For this reason, it’s important to give each worker their own nickname so that they can keep themselves easily identified. 

3. Allow Workers to Choose Their Own Nickname.

Since nicknames are positive indicators of familiarity, workers will want to choose their own nicknames so that they can be more comfortable and at ease on site and thus, more focused on getting all of their work done as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

4. Use Your Nickname During Meetings or All Hands Calls .

All Hands Calls are important to conduct at the beginning and throughout a project because it allows operators to gather everyone together and get everyone on the same page. One way they can do this is to use nicknames during these meetings to make people feel more comfortable and relaxed so that they can get their information out there.

5. Use a Nickname When Directing People in Both Large and Small Groups .

This is another way in which nicknames are really convenient because they allow workers to be able to communicate with both large groups of people as well as small groups of people without having to worry about getting the names mixed up or having someone else have the same name as them, accidentally..

6. Make Workers Feel More Comfortable by Using Their Nickname

In order to make your workers feel more comfortable and be more confident in their roles on site, you as the operator should use their nickname as a positive indicator that they are being addressed because of their association. It makes them feel good and they will go through the motions faster when you address them by their name versus addressing them in that way. 

Thanks for reading, just keep it simple…easy ways to facilitate construction nicknames. Of course, this article is not all encompassing and you can never be too safe…you should definitely use your own judgment on this one. You’re the boss, gotta make that one work for you.

7. Use Nicknames on All Channels, Not Just Radio.

When using nicknames, it is important to use them on all of the different channels you work on with workers so that all of the workers are fully aware of every channel and can respond appropriately. 

Nicknames are a great way to keep workers from destroying your equipment or getting hurt in other ways by not knowing what’s going on around them when you call them by their name. A lot of time and money goes into getting these machines and people together to do a job and if you can keep them safe for as long as possible it makes everyone else’s lives easier too!

8. Use Nicknames to Point Out People’s Mistakes in a Friendly Way.

One way that nicknames can make construction easier for workers is by letting them know when they have made a mistake by calling them their nickname. This gives them an easy way to correct their mistake without making it feel like you are picking on them or that they are being made fun of, which they will feel if you call them out by saying “What the hell were you thinking?!”


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