Eleven future smart Cities in india

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What makes a city smart?

There is a growing need for a smarter, more inclusive and sustainable environment in India. 

In this article, we have tried to look into what future cities can be like when they are fully digitalised.

The scope of the mission:

To support the SBM, the Ministry has transferred four centrally sponsored schemes under Smart Cities Mission 

PMAY (Urban), RGGVY (Rural) , JNNURM (Urban) as well as National Health Mission as per recommendations made by the Technical Advisory Group (TAG).

The mission will focus on five areas: Cities will adopt all-electric mobility to reduce congestion and pollution. 

They will leverage data for traffic management, energy efficiency and provision of services. 

Smart cities would use digital infrastructure to improve accessibility, governance and delivery of services. 

They would also provide utilities like water, electricity, better public transport infrastructure covering high-density areas, reliable emergency response systems etc. 

Digital infrastructure includes things like smart parking systems for better management of parking spaces; intelligent traffic control systems etc.

These are some of the key challenges that smart cities will face.

This mission would be implemented in six phases, with five major focus areas for each phase are  

Phase 1 (1 to 3 months) (15 December 2017 to 15 February 2018) –

 Road Transport and Transport Connectivity, Urban Infrastructure, Urban Resettlement, Water Supply and Sanitation. 

Phase 2 (3–6 months) (18 February 2018 to 12 June 2018) –

 Digital Infrastructure Management, Energy Efficiency and Industrial Interface.

 Phase 3 (1–3 months) (12 June 2018 to 1 November 2018) 

– Healthcare Delivery, Education & Research Infrastructure, Safety & Security Infrastructure.

Eleven future smart Cities in india

New Delhi, Kochi, Allahabad, Kakinada, Vishakhapatnam, Udaipur, Jaipur, Jabalpur , Indore and Ahmedabad. 

The selection of these cities is based on the above mentioned five pillars. 

The cities would have to demonstrate how they intend to improve urban governance through increased citizen participation and better coordination between different agencies.

elven city names 

1. New Delhi: New Delhi will be the first Smart City under the Smart Cities Mission. 

Its focus will be on road traffic management, clean air and water supply, healthier living environment, digital infrastructure and solid waste management.

 It would also develop a culture of innovation through smart digital technology with respect to its economic development programme 

2. Kochi :

Kochi city is set to become one of India’s next great cities 

that it has been selected as one of the 2nd future smart city under the Smart Cities Mission.

3. Allahabad: Allahabad will be the centre of excellence for all the heritage cities in Uttar Pradesh.

 In addition, it is a major industrial and economic hub, but still needs to be transformed 

4. Kakinada: Kakinada is the most important port city in Andhra Pradesh.

 It lies on a delta of a group of rivers 

5. Vishakhapatnam :

A hill station located on the Eastern Ghats of India,

 Vishakhapatnam has become one of the largest industrial centres of southern India

 The proposed list includes 15 new capital cities (new capital cities).

6. Udaipur: Udaipur is one of the most visited cities in India and is

 also the World Heritage Site of UNESCO as one of the most beautiful cities in India. its magnificent lakes and palaces 

The next five cities are here:

7. Jaipur: Also referred to as “Pink City” because of its pink marble buildings.


8. Jabalpur: Jabalpur holds a distinction of being the first planned metropolitan’s urban system in India

 It was an important political, administrative, cultural and commercial centre during British rule between 1827-1948 

9. Indore :

It is, also known as the “food basket of Madhya Pradesh”, 


10. Ahmedabad: India’s largest and most populous commercial city,

It is also one of the country’s emerging economic centres and the fifth largest metropolitan area in India with an estimated GDP of $88 Billion.

 The city ranked 13th in Forbes’ list of fastest growing cities of 2016 and developed along five themes – 

sustainable mobility, inclusive growth, resilient infrastructure, greener environment and innovation and entrepreneurship 

11. Guwahati :

It is one of the largest city in the northern india

It has been selected as one of the 11th future smart city under Smart Cities Mission 

Smart city selection

In New Delhi, 10 other cities from different states would be announced as first batch of smart cities

 These cities already have a certain level of development and are expected to be easier to convert into smart cities.


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