Enjoy the Royalty in Rajasthan.


This is an environment for those who enjoy history, respect nature and wildlife and go to Kumbhalgarh for someone who wants to take a city vacation. The hospitable experience and splendour of the hotels, the inclusion of unique species of wildlife and the visit to Kumbhalgarh Fort make your journey even more enriching. See some of the stunning resorts and their applause.

1. The Kumbha Bagh:

The Kumbha Bagh in Kumbalgarh’s highest luxury resort at an altitude of 3,500 metres and is very near to the iconic fort of Kumbhalgarh. It is the tallest mountain resort in the Aravalli hills. Both of the rooms here are suite rooms with a suite of about 1000 sq.ft each so large. Size and private Jacuzzis, decks and balconies are available in each suite. This makes the resort one of the most romantic locations in Rajasthan with the touch of Rajasthan culture throughout. Private campfire, indoor gaming and spa facilities allow us provide this resort with additional scores.

2. The Aodhi Resort:

The resort is dubbed the Sanctuary Resort by local residents. This magnificent house, which is surrounded by trees across and Aravalli hills, lies just steps from the Kumbhalgarh Fort. During your stay this resort brings you back to Mewar History, thanks to the old architecture, which makes it a heritage resort. During your visit, you will enjoy nature hikes, forts and temples. Do not skip the dazzling Mewar light and sound display in the City Palace at the impressive Manek Chowk.

3. Mahua Bagh Kumbhalgarh:

How about living in your own mini castle with beautiful balconies with a view of the hills and private pool to dive in. You get the same feeling at the Mahua Bagh Spa. This resort lends supreme tenderness to comfort, only four miles from the Kumbhalgarh fort. The property is known for its location with a bicycle and its surrounding areas, commuting and the prospect of renting a vehicle. You can also stroll along forest trails or on a jungle safari in the vicinity of the Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary.


Any time you intend to spend your holiday here, this desert city of Rajasthan cannot fail to surprise you. Anything provided by this state is gratifying, from dry deserts to history and traditional culture and hospitality. But you’re in the lavish resorts of jaisalmer with a massive royalty, just like a fairy tale fantasy. But it has your heart and pleasures. The resorts are classified as modern facilities with an intact heritage and customs of Rajasthan, warm and friendly accommodation and big rooms with old antique architecture, which will always compel you to visit Jaisalmer. Let’s look at chosen resorts, which are renowned for their beauty. See some of the best travel packages in Rajasthan.

Jaisalmer Marriott Resort and Spa

The lavish 5-star Jaisalmer Marriott Resort and Spa is located in the heart of the city, and is one of the favourite resorts for a royal vacation. The property is designed with the architecture of yellowstone and is just a few miles from the fort of Jaisalmer. This hotel would not let you down in any event with all modern facilities including a temperature-controlled chilling swimming pool, three separate dining options for tummy filling and wellness, and a spa centre for relaxing. Come here and feel royalty, and that’s a guarantee you’re not going to get angry.

Suryagarh Palace

Imagine being handled like a prince in a castle. Oh, it’s true that living in Suryagarh is just a place to stay. This Jaisalmer resort is one of the finest examples of splendour with numerous suites providing a very royal décor for any suite. The outside are really beautiful and made of the most incredible sandstone blocks.

You will have some enjoyable private moments in the roof of this Golden City, even watching the sunset and experiencing it. This is one of the best luxury resorts with luxurious facilities, but retro appearances, warm hospitality and much more.

Gorbandh Palace Resort

A lot of us want to taste royalty and splendour at reasonable prices, and Gorbandh Palace Resort is one of those things. This resort in the heart of the city is renowned for its amazing pennyworth rates experience. The interior, the exterior and the beautifully painted balconies all give you the grandness of this place. You still have your own personal butler, everything else you like! This tourist resort is situated on the path from the Sand Dunes and is only several kilometres away from the airport and the train station.


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