Essential Signs for Parking Lots – A Brief Guide

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A parking lot is one of the most important aspects of commercial property development planning. You have to think of multiple factors so that people in cars can arrive, park, and depart in an organized manner. The National Safety Council advises drivers to obey stop signs and no-parking signs, among other safety guidelines. A quick look at the several signs that can help parking lots to remain safe, orderly, and clean, and help you to add value to your property:

Handicap Parking 

Reserving parking slots for people with disabilities is not only a considerate thing to do but also necessary for you to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The Act requires one parking space to be provided for every 25 or fewer spaces for handicapped people, and the space so reserved must be identified with a suitable sign. Besides the Federal Highway Administration, some individual states have also created signage designs that are ADA-compliant along with supplemental messages that parking lot owners need to post.

Fire Lane 

Depending on the layout of your parking lot, the Fire Department may require you to keep certain areas next to your commercial building clear for access. These identified lanes need to be kept clear all the time, and you must impose restrictions on parking there. The signs for these areas will warn all visitors to keep the area clear.

No Parking 

Even as you need to prohibit parking in certain areas required by the Fire Department, you may have areas where people should not park for general safety or ensure convenience for all. These areas should be marked with no parking signs. Typically, these signs are need near entrances and exits, loading zones, or places with fire hydrants or hazards that pose a danger for vehicles or people.

Customer Parking 

Many commercial properties are designed for mixed-use. You could have a shopping mall occupying the first few floors and offices in the rest. If you want to designate certain parking slots for customers, you can put up signs that mention specifically that the spots are reserved for them. It will ensure that customers do not park in spaces meant for other people like employees of the offices or staff of the property management company. Parking spaces can also be reserved for specific companies to prevent them from being occupied by other businesses.

Directional Signs

It can get pretty confusing for visitors to reach the designated parking spot or to make an exit without going around in circles if the property is large. In such cases, providing directional signs will make it easier for the drivers to enter, park, and depart the property. These signs also help to prevent accidents with cars taking the wrong route coming face to face with other vehicles.


A typical parking lot needs a fair amount of organization and management. You may want to put up signs restricting the speed of vehicles in certain zones, signs that force vehicles to come to an absolute stop before proceeding, signs giving preference to pedestrians, or even essential signs identifying the entrance and exits.


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