Excel in a corporate career after BBA: A Quick Guide to all your questions about BBA

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What is BBA?” – It is a question that crosses the mind of every fresh high-school graduate. The reasons, however, are quite clear. BBA opens up a plethora of opportunities at the undergraduate level itself. Students who complete BBA can straight away pursue a corporate career. That way, a BBA is indeed a golden ticket to opportunities.

As a result, it goes without saying, BBA is one of the popular courses. Being a 3 year long course, it is comprehensive and inculcates students with the theoretical and managerial skills necessary to excel in any business organization. Students can also pursue higher studies by choosing to pursue an MBA. 

Often MBA is preferred over BBA because in MBA students can pursue specialisation. However, many colleges today offer specialisation at the level of BBA as well. 

If you plan to start a career in Finance, HR, or even Business Analytics, a specialised BBA would be great for you.  

Job opportunities after BBA

You must, however, be aware that a BBA degree will not lead to jobs at senior levels. Top companies tend to evaluate freshers over a period before offering them the experience of seniority. 

However, if you manage to acquire corporate experience while still studying, there is a high chance that you can straightaway start at the associate level in top MNCs.

Now, let’s look at the sectors where opportunities will always be present for BBA graduates.    

  • Finance: 

All corporate houses have finance departments and numerous BBA freshers find jobs in Finance every year. The demand for trained management graduates with knowledge of finance will never drop. Salary packages are also lucrative and there are ample opportunities for career growth afterward. In short, it doesn’t get better than a career in finance!

  • Real Estate: 

The real estate business has seen a tremendous boom in the last 15 years. The market is thriving in both small towns and cities. The fact that all reports project a high growth rate in real estate means that more jobs will be created in the coming years. BBA graduates with strong managerial skills will be assets to real estate companies.

  • Advertising & Marketing: 

The age we are living in has seen a true transformation of what marketing means. A whole array of innovations have swept the domain with the digital turn. There is a need for dynamic professionals with great adaptability to constantly live with the trend. A career in advertising and marketing is not only lucrative but exciting as well, and there is an opportunity to learn new things every day.

Top 3 colleges for BBA in India

If you’re still wondering, “what is BBA”, then we have a secret for you. The thing is, the answer to what is BBA can significantly vary with the institute you choose. Students from different colleges have different experiences while pursuing BBA and afterward.

Let’s look at the top institutes where a BBA degree would be a real transforming experience for you.

1. Christ University

With a badge from Christ, you will not only stand out but employers will have a special preference for you. So what is BBA at Christ University like? Well, being the top private institute in the country, the name of Christ is synonymous with professionalism and quality. 

Christ is undoubtedly the tech capital’s top education brand. However, not many get this opportunity, and entry into the BBA course can be quite competitive. As far as employment is concerned, once you get there, there is no looking back!

2. Rayat Bahra University   

Rayat Bahra University is one of the best private colleges in North India with an elaborate portfolio. Recently, they have become a partner campus in the Sunstone Eduversity BBA program. Sunstone is a top placement and higher education provider in India with a recruiter base of over 400.

Their great learning environment, combined with Sunstone’s experience in the industry, makes Rayat Bahra University a glorious education brand of our times. Placement is assured for everyone and there is also the option to pay the course fee only after securing a placement. 

3. Lovely Professional University  

Like Rayat Bahra University, LPU is another top institute for BBA in Punjab. A beautiful campus curated with the best practices in teaching and learning makes it a top destination for students across the country. It is a global brand that is known for its international collaboration.

The tie-up with many global trade bodies and professional organizations ensures that candidates graduate with global exposure. As mentioned before, global exposure is a rare asset to have, and very few institutes like Amity, LPU, and Sunstone are being able to provide it to students.


Good colleges emphasize hands-on learning by orienting the course to what comes after graduation. In short, along with a robust theoretical base, a good college will also bring industry experience to your CV. 

It will give you a taste of the industry and the basic training required to adapt to the corporate culture. Some institutes also go to the extent of providing global exposure to education. It is one of the most valuable assets to have in the industry today.


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