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freestocks PxM8aeJbzvk unsplash 1

A colorful quilt full of graphics, patterns and motifs that resemble the spirit of the holiday season.

With Christmas already right around the corner, it’s time to get in the mood!

 These gorgeous holiday-themed fabrics will show you how lovely these winter months can be. 

From snowflakes to baked goods, this range of prints will make your heart (and home) merry and bright.

 So start your search for cozy throws, cushions or curtains today! We guarantee you’ll feel cozy indeed before long…

Fashionable woman christmas story fabric 

Cute little ruffles to top off our gift are just the right touch. 

Ruffles add a touch of puff to an outfit. 

They also add a romantic feel to any décor.

 Whether you’re looking for holiday gifts, stocking stuffers or home décor, you’ve come to the right place! 

Here, we have a wide selection of each and every kind of ruffle imaginable!

Christmas tree line fabric 

Abstract colorful batik batik pattern for clothes or bags or to be made into clothes.

Red christmas tree pillow sham 

A creative cushion having a creative art print on it.

 Abstract colorful batik batik pattern for pillows, cushions, towels and sheets.

An abstract colorful batik batik pattern for placemats or table runners or to be made into a table runner.

A creative cushion having a creative art print on it.

Jingle bells pillow sham 

A creative cushion having a creative art print on it. 

Christmas wreath pillow sham 

If you like Christmas this is an excellent choice for Christmas gift giving.

If you like Christmas this is an excellent choice for Christmas gift giving. 

Stick jingle bells pillow sham 

A creative cushion having a creative art print on it. 

Red christmas tree dress. This is an episode that will take you on a kind of journey. 

The fabric range is very diverse, yet it all has this amazing effect on you. 

A magical feeling of Santa Claus who comes to deliver presents to your home… 

 but it’s not Santa! There is a grand illusion, and it’s the feeling of Christmas.

You will see yourself as if you were really walking through these fabrics, seeing them like actual fabrics. 

The illusion will be that close to reality that you’ll feel like praying for snow to fall on your bed…

How does this episode work? I am sending all the fabrics to you by mail.

 You get them one by one in separate envelopes with an instruction sheet about each piece of fabric. 

When you are ready, you are going to sew them together in your own quilt of choice… and what a cool one it will be!

All you need is to put the fabric on your machine and start sewing with confidence,

 because you know you can create a design that will be warm and beautiful.

 You’ll learn about different techniques with which you can make fabulous quilts that will bring joy to your friends and family members.

In order to make this process as easy as possible for anyone wanting to sew their own fabrics for this episode,

 I am here to give you all the instructions necessary.

Get ready for an epic adventure of fun and captivating designs…

 Each piece is a sample from a larger piece, therefore the sizes and colors can vary slightly. 

‘Sample’ refers to final sizes of finished quilts, not cut pieces. 

In these pics the fabrics have been washed with Urine Renue by Rit, 

so please consider that when you place an order for this collection!

Size: 75 x 75 cm / 29.5 x 29.5 inches – 45 inch width – 50 cm / 19 inch length – 40 inch width – 15 x 15 cm / 6 x 6 inches – 12 inch width – 5.

 Christmas fabric is perfect to make Christmas crafts, Christmas decorations, Christmas pillows and other Christmas gifts.

 Searching for a great gift idea? Check out our list of bestsellers in the category of christmas story fabric below. 

If you are looking for christmas quilts for inspirations, or any other fabric from our christmas collection, you will find it here on Quilting Treasures.

In the modern world of decorative textiles one can frequently run into new names and combinations of materials.

 It is not a surprise that Christmas fabric has a lot on offer, as it is often used to design Christmas decorations.

 It is not difficult to understand why it fits so well in the decoration of a holiday season.


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