Fitness Beauties that are Famous in Today’s Time

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boxed water is better zQNDCje06VM unsplash

Beautiful females are everywhere. Everywhere! And it’s not just the ones strutting down the runway or on magazine covers that are considered beautiful. Women all around the world are praised for being born with innate beauty, and their natural physicality is celebrated. This article is about one of these women –fitness beauties that have become famous in today’s time.

There are many different types of fitness models, but they can mostly be categorized into three main groups: bodybuilders, fitness competitors, and health/wellness advocates. Being a healthy role model is their ultimate goal, and these models are doing their part in the fitness community. They work hard to maintain their bodies and keep themselves in shape.

In this era of social media, up-and-coming fitness models have the opportunity to build a platform for themselves. Online platforms can help them reach out to many that are interested in health and wellness. Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and other sites give them the opportunity to share videos or pictures of themselves that show how they work out or just how they live their daily life as an inspiration. 

Fitness Beauties that are Famous in Today’s Time :

1. Ashley Graham :

Ashley Graham is well known for being both a professional fitness model, and a plus size model. She is one of the most successful fitness models in the world, but she has also recently been named one of Forbes’ most powerful celebrities in 2017. 

She was first named on the red carpet at the Sports Illustrated Swim Week NYC in 2013, which was considered “a huge breakthrough”. After that, she went on to be featured in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2013. 

She was also a cover model for Shape Magazine in 2016 and has been on the cover of Vogue UK twice. In 2017, Forbes ranked her as one of their top 50 Most Powerful Women On The Internet and as one of their 100 Most Influential Women. She is a symbol of greatness. Her appearances in magazines and events have won her a lot of fame.

2. Maria Kang :

Maria Kang has become famous due to her appearance online, most notably on Facebook and Instagram, where she has earned over 89K likes on her page. She has become popular due to her fitness and athletic posts, her workout routine and her healthy eating pictures.

 She is a Canadian fitness model, Instagram star, and entrepreneur. Her first world tour started in early 2015 in cities like Toronto and New York City where she gave personal training sessions in nightclubs to promote her business. This tour also helped boost her popularity.

3. Katrina Halili :

Katrina Halili is a Filipino fitness instructor, model and actress who has gained popularity due to the wide variety of sports that she participates in, including basketball, volleyball and boxing. She joined the Angeles City Gym Club as a personal trainer when she was just 17 years old which further fueled her passion for exercise. 

In May 2011, she became the first Filipina to join the five-time World Kickboxing Champion Antonio Banderas in an instructional video on how to defend against a kick while training in order to further enhance her strength and skill. She has been featured on a number of fitness and nutrition pages across the Philippines, including FHM Philippines.

4. Lia Thomas :

Lia Thomas was born in New Zealand and is most notably known for being the first female bodybuilder from outside the United States. In 1999, she joined a gym on Mission Peninsula and started her fitness journey by reading fitness books and following workout routines of other female bodybuilders.

 Her journey started out as a hobby. She was a housewife, with two children and a husband who worked as a builder. However, by the end of 2000, she was already an award winner in fitness competitions.

5. Anna Victoria :

Anna Victoria is known as the founder of the fashion and lifestyle blog, She has won several awards for her blog including the Women’s Health 2015 Fit Foodie Blogger Award, Prevention magazine’s Top 50 Health & Wellness Influencers on Instagram and Cosmopolitan magazine’s “Fun Fearless Female” Award.

6. Emily McCombs :

Emily McCombs is mostly known for her appearances in fitness calendars, but she has worked out and competed in other sports that include kickboxing, basketball and surfing. She is the well-known face of Instagram’s @girlswholift , where she shares various workout tips, photos and videos of herself working out with her trainer. Additionally, she is hosting a fitness competition show called “Jacked In” on Sports TV broadcasted over the internet through iHeart Radio app.

7. Alina Popa :

Alina Popa is an athlete and fitness instructor who is mostly known for her fitness model and bikini modeling career. She has also appeared in numerous fitness calendars, but she also appears on a number of Instagram pages that post updates of her workouts with professional trainers, her personal training schedule and healthy recipes she follows to stay in shape.

 Alina is known as the “Princess of Fitness” because she became one of the top ranked female fitness models on Instagram. Her main goal is to make every woman feel sexy and beautiful inside and out, and through her fitness journey, she has been able to achieve that goal.


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