Five Difficult Things About Linkswell

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Writing a blog is hard. When you are putting it out into the real world, there are all sorts of things that stand in your way. Linkswell is a service that is essentially like a Facebook feed, but for links. Linkswell has been around for quite some time now, and it’s no surprise that it has come to replace the Facebook feed. I personally use it on my phone to find interesting articles or things I think my friends might also enjoy.

Unfortunately, as with most services out there, Linkswell users tend to be faced with some of the same issues again and again. This blog post will detail these issues and offer suggestions on how they can be overcome.

1. Limited interaction opportunities

Linkswell is a link-feed, and it’s all about the links. The problem with this, is that it does not allow you to interact with the articles or posts like you can on Facebook where you can comment or like a post. There is not much a person can do without inviting everyone they know to the service.

Suggestion: Allow people to interact with their feed like they can on Facebook. Like, comment and so on.

There really isn’t much of an excuse for this, because when I want to read an article I want to be able to interact with it in some way. I also find that by not being able to interact with someone’s account they get less traffic because their readership is lower than a more interactive account.

2. Account anonymity

This is a problem with many social media sites, which is why I would like to see Linkswell introduce new ways for people to interact with their account. But in the case of links-based feeds like Linkswell, anonymity is a serious concern. Sites like Facebook and Twitter allow you to interact without revealing your account, but on links-based feeds there is no hiding who you are. It is also a very simple procedure to essentially take over someone’s account, which also makes anonymity an issue.

This isn’t so much a problem that occasionally you will see someone’s account and have no idea who they are. But in some cases I have seen a post that I thought seemed interesting or funny and re-posted it on my friends-circle only to find out that I was re-posting from an anonymous account.

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3. Links in the feed

Another common issue I tend to encounter on Linkswell is that sometimes the feed will be full of links in random order and every link either goes to , which is an ad website. This is a problem because the Linkswell feed is essentially supposed to be a feed of interesting links, not an advertisement blog. I feel like this goes back to the lack of interaction between users and their posts and accounts.

I understand that this may be a way for the developers to make money, but it is also very frustrating when you see 10 or so links in your feed that you can’t click on and have to scroll past to get to the next “real” post.

4. Linkswell ads

These are the worst. You’re happily scrolling down your feed when suddenly, out of nowhere, you’re faced with a full-screen image ad with text all over it. Not only do I have to wait for the ad to load, but in order to get rid of it I have to close out of the app and open the feed again. 

I will admit, there aren’t always ads in your feed when you’re scrolling through, but there are often ones at the top or on the side that you have to tap on before getting back to your feed. The makers of Linkswell should really reconsider their ad strategy because it is starting to annoy more than a few people out there.

5. Quantity over quality

As with any social media outlet, it’s inevitable that you will get people who share a lot of content that is not high-quality. They’ll post a lot of memes or other low-quality content, which can make you lose interest in their feed. But when you share your own content, like photos for example, you can guarantee that it will be something truly high-quality and desirable. Linkswell is no different and every time I’ve gone through my feed I’ve seen a ton of shares from a handful of people. This is not only frustrating, but it also may make you lose interest in the service because you don’t find content that suits your liking.


Linkswell may not have a lot of problems at the moment, but as time goes on I’m sure we will see more and more issues crop up. I think it would be best if Linkswell could resolve some of these issues sooner than later, because as it stands now they’re going to lose a lot of users.


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