Five Questions About Photography You Should Answer Truthfully


Have you ever taken a picture, only to realize that it was really bad? You may have realized that your camera’s autofocus or exposure settings were off; maybe the sun was in the way. Maybe it’s not your fault though – after all, even professional photographers are known for taking lots of bad pictures! However, you can take better pictures and learn from their mistakes without having to drop thousands of dollars on a photography course.

There are so many benefits to photography. It inspires creativity, it captures memories, and it offers a chance for personal expression. But as with anything else, there are also risks involved.  Take these five questions about photography as an opportunity to assess what is going well and what needs improvement if you want to be a better photographer. With a crunch word whizzle is a good way to remember things.

Five Questions About Photography You Should Answer Truthfully :

1. What’s the last photograph you took?

This is a great question because it lets you assess what types of pictures you enjoy taking. Looking back on your most recent pictures will help you identify where your strengths and weaknesses are. If you’re having trouble coming up with an answer, think about how much time you spend taking pictures, as well as the genres of images that interest you. Do you find yourself taking in lots of panoramic landscapes? Perhaps street photography excites you. When looking at your last picture, examine it closely – look for positives and negatives that stand out to you. 

You can also ask yourself if this picture is similar to others that have already been taken or if it’s something different. If you’re a beginner, take these questions even further – how does this picture compare to other pictures of the same subject matter? Did you change your point of view at all? Did you use any new techniques to compose or capture the image?

2. What is your greatest photographic achievement thus far?

This question is often overlooked because some people are afraid that they won’t have anything to say. However, it can be a great way to think about what it is that makes a picture great. Every photographer has different criteria for what makes a good photo and we can all agree that there is no universal definition of what makes someone an “artist” when it comes to photography. The only way to hear your own voice is by sharing your own work. If you’re feeling timid about sharing your picture, consider taking the pictures and then asking the people in them for feedback.

3. What is the most exciting thing about photography for you?

This is a great question because it shows how enthralled you are with photography. People often get caught up in the technical aspects of shooting rather than enjoying what they do, so this question can help you put yourself back into it, remembering that photography is supposed to be fun! Think about what inspires you during your travels and make sure to share this with your audience.

4. What camera do you use?

This is a valuable question because it can give you insight into how much research you actually did before deciding on a camera. A good place to start is with the photography subreddit, where you can learn what people are looking for in their pictures and how they use different cameras. There are many different camera models out there and it’s best to research which one will work best for your needs before buying something new.

5. What are you passionate about?

This is an important question because it shows how good of a photographer you really are. In order to be a great photographer, we must first practice because using our cameras takes time. It takes lots of time, in fact – I like to look at photography as an investment (time-wise). This question can help you identify the factors that contribute most to your photography practice and help you determine whether or not they are effective. Do they improve with time? Are they motivating you? Is it something that excites you on a daily basis? Passion is key when it comes to pursuing anything – it’s essential for consistent practice and motivation.

By asking yourself these questions and reflecting on the answers, you can better understand the type of photographer you want to be. It is also important to remember that not all photographers are good at everything. Some people are great travel photographers, while others love taking portraits or macro photos. Not everyone is going to be pros in every genre of photography.


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