Five Secrets That Experts Of Ice Skating At Federal Hill Commons Ice Plaza Don’t Want You To Know

ice skating
ice skating

When you step onto the ice outside, it feels so smooth and cool. You find yourself going up higher and higher, until you’re skimming the water that surrounds it. The instructors step on the ice next to you, but they are more than happy to hold your hand if you need help getting started. It’s a relatively easy skill-based sport – which is a good thing if something has happened in your life that’s made exercise painful or impossible. 

Federal hill commons ice skating is a fun, fitness-boosting sport that puts you in control of your own body. Even when you’re not the greatest skater, you can still learn the basic moves with a little help from a teacher. The Ice Plaza is outdoors on the Federal Hill Commons and is heated by electric heaters, so it’s never too cold to skate on these beautiful outdoor rinks. There are also heated restrooms, lockers and water fountains for your convenience.

Five Secrets That Experts Of Ice Skating At Federal Hill Commons Ice Plaza Don’t Want You To Know :

1. You Can Only Learn To Skate On The Ice By Watching The Pros:

You may think it looks simple and easy, but that’s because you’ve probably never been on a real ice skating rink before. Anyone can learn the basic moves, but the longer you skate, the more difficult it becomes to maneuver your body. 

Whereas beginners can learn to skate for about an hour per day for six days each week at Federal Hill Commons Ice Plaza, skaters who’ve been ice skating for years take around 45 minutes per day for four months before they are able to skate with others on the ice. So if you want to be part of a group, stick with beginners until you learn how to move around them and make friends. 

2. You’ll Be In The Water:

Once the ice skating is over and you’ve had enough practice, you might want to join in some water-based activities like skating in the pool. Federal Hill commons also has indoor ice skating for when it’s too hot out to skate outdoors, or if you’d rather make friends with a group of skaters before heading outdoors. It has twice as many ice rinks and swimming pools as the Ice Plaza – another great place to visit on warm days when the weather finally cooperates. 

3. You Need A Proper Pair Of Ice Skates:

If you want to skate outdoors, Federal Hill commons has the right ice skates for your needs. The ice skates they have were made to last up to 200 hours of average use. If you’re going to be hiking around or doing other outdoor activities with your new friends, the shoes provide comfort and support even when you aren’t skating. The skates at Federal Hill Commons Ice Plaza can be rented near the entrance for a very reasonable price. 

4. You Can Get Personal Training:

Just about anyone can learn something from an instructor at Federal Hill Commons Ice Plaza – even if you’re an experienced skater already. If you need some help getting started, an instructor can demonstrate the basic moves to you and then do it with you until you’ve got a hang of skating. 

You can also hire an instructor to teach your children how to skate. Skating lessons give individuals the chance to learn new moves without being intimidated by other beginners at public skating sessions. The instructors are there to show them what they need, and give them the confidence they’ll need to join the ice skating community at Federal Hill Commons. 

5. You Can Practice Your Moves After Hours:

The Ice Plaza is open from 8:30am – 8pm from Tuesday through Saturday, and from 10am until 7pm on Sunday. From the time the ice skating rink opens until close, there’s a designated skate time for beginners. It’s $4.00 for adults and $3.50 for children if you’re skating outdoors. 

The price goes up to $5.00 and $4.50 respectively at other times when there isn’t an organized group beginning class scheduled on the ice – though they still allow beginners to use the facility during those times, as long as they are respectful of others’ learning curves while they practice. 

6. You Can Arrange For Ice Skating Parties:

If you’re planning to host a party for 3-15 year-olds, then a private skating lesson at Federal Hill Commons is the perfect way to go. The instructors will ensure the safety of all participants on the ice, even if they have never stepped foot on it before. This can be a fun activity for guests at any age and an excellent form of exercise. The instructors give you everything you need to make your private party successful and enjoyable – even down to the birthday cake! 

7. You Can Get Weekly Offers:

If you’re interested in getting a lesson or skate rental at Federal Hill commons Ice Plaza, you’re going to have to make reservations. You can reserve your time online, or by calling (410) 419-4545 to request a time. The minimum time required for renting skates is 3 days, and the maximum is 30 days. 


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