Follow These Tips to Prepare Your Child for A Primary School Admission Interview.


Today’s admission process in schools has become more complex than ever before. It now includes interviewing and conducting written tests for the child and in some cases even their parents. These interviews are designed and conducted to determine whether a child will be a good fit for the school or not. 

While the interview process is crucial for children, it’s also stressful for parents. They have to prepare their child for the interview, teach them what to say or how to behave before the interviewer, and fulfil all the requirements for admission. It becomes a herculean task for those trying to get admission for their child in a primary school for the first time. However, following a few tips, they can better prepare their child for a school interview and reduce anxiety. 

Here are a few tips for parents to prepare their child for primary school admission interview:

Research the school

The first step is to thoroughly research the school where you are trying to get your child admitted for primary education. By doing so, you get to know about the school’s expectations from their future pupil, what kind of questions they ask from the child during the interview, and what kind of tests they conduct. You can also ask other parents whose children are already studying in that school and collect as much information about the admission interview as possible. Jot those things down and start preparing your child to meet those expectations. However, make sure you don’t pressurise your child to perform better. Instead, try to instil confidence in them and tell them how much you trust them and their abilities to face the interview.

Keep a peer check

If you know someone — neighbour, colleague or friend — who is trying to get admission for their child in the same primary school as yours, connect with them and exchange notes. Let your child meet and spend time with their child to build confidence and learn something from them, which can be beneficial to crack the interview. 

Teach your child to answer commonly asked questions

Many primary schools ask somewhat similar questions when interviewing children. If you can prepare your child for these questions, half of your woes may go away. However, make sure you teach your child to answer those questions with a full sentence rather than answering with a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Here are some of the questions that schools commonly ask during admission interviews: 

  • What are your favourite subjects?
  • What subjects do you like and dislike? 
  • What do you want to do when you leave school?
  • What are your hobbies and interests?
  • What do your parents do?
  • Do you read books? If yes, which is your favourite book?
  • Do you like to play any sport?

Make a routine

As a parent, you have to take some time out of your busy schedule and teach your child regularly for the big day. Create a routine when you keep the fun time aside and focus on the learning part to prepare them for an interview better. Though it can be challenging for you, the results will be rewarding in the end. 

Dress to impress

It is important that your child looks presentable, even if he is wearing casual clothes for the interview. You should also wear suitable clothing to leave a lasting impression on the school authorities. The way you and your child dresses can massively affect the outcome of the interview. 

Be on time

It’s vital that you don’t get late for your child’s interview. If you are late, make sure to inform the school authorities about your timing so that they can interview others while you reach the school. 

With these tips, you can thoroughly prepare your child for primary school admission interviews and hopefully unlock the door to better learning opportunities and a promising future for your child.


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