Forget Everything You’ve Ever Known About Dos2 Rune Frames.

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What are dos2 rune frames?

Dos2 rune frames is a mod for Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction created by Jonathan Archer. It is one of the largest and most popular mods for the game. The mod’s primary purpose is to offer a way to make melee combat more interesting, as well as making characters more effective against monsters with high defense such as unique bosses.

The introduction should be about 1800 words in total, with about 250-350 words for the intro section. The introduction should mention what the article will be about and give a brief overview of what it’ll cover (including at least one main point that will be discussed). A closing statement is not necessary, but it should bring all the points of the article together and it should be in sentence form (don’t just repeat what you already said).

One thing that’s important to bear in mind is that the introduction should be aimed at people who aren’t especially familiar with the topic. If they haven’t heard of dos2 rune frames, they won’t know what you’re talking about. Additionally, some people may have heard of it somewhere, but they don’t really know what it does or why it exists.

What is the use?

The purpose of the use section is to inform readers (a) why they should care about the article and (b) how they can use the mod to their advantage. This can include information such as “you need this if you want to do X”; however, you should leave out references to content which will be released in patch 1.11, since that information is already available in patch notes for patch 1.10.

What does it do?

While your article doesn’t have to cover every aspect of the mod, you should at least explain what each aspect does and how it works. If it’s a big mod (with many different features), you can split this into multiple sections and have people who want to use the mod browse them.

Write about what you know. If you don’t know something, for example if it isn’t a part of the mod but is related to it, make sure you explain what it does in relation to the topic. If there are things that aren’t discussed in detail in the article, consider explaining why they’re not covered and why they aren’t relevant to the topic at all.

What are the features?

Include a list of the features, similar to a list of the features from another game. Explain which features the article covers and how they work. Note that dos2 rune frames is not actually featured in Diablo 2. It’s simply a mod for Diablo 2.

How does it work?

If there are aspects of how it works that aren’t clear, explain them in order to help people understand those aspects and use them correctly in their gameplay. For example, if you explain why stacking runes with the same skill gives you more than one rune effect, this will be very useful for people who want to know how to acquire that knowledge.

What is the difference between the original and dos2 rune frames?

If there are major differences between the original and the mod, make sure to mention them. If you don’t, readers may not be aware of these differences and may not use them as they should, causing complaints in forum posts instead.

How does it relate to other similar mods?

Again, if there are any similar mods that cover more of the same aspects of gameplay (such as style or monster AI), make sure to mention the mods that you do have mentioned. This information can also be used in your “What is …?” section. For example, if there are similar mods that can identify monsters as “heroes” and how that affects the player’s combat strategy, you can use this to point out how such features are implemented in dos2 rune frames.

What makes it different?

If the mod isn’t something that is already in the game and hasn’t been before (such as something entirely new), then you can list what aspect is particularly new. For example, if the mod adds a new skill system, this should be explained in terms of how other skills work (e.g. what kind of damage the skills deal). If it adds entirely new skills but still uses some aspects from existing skillsets, explain how those new aspects work from an existing perspective.

The different sections in the use section should also be explained in a similar way. For example, if the mod has a new boss fight, explain what makes it different from other boss fights (e.g. how the boss can summon minions, or how it uses a particular skill). If you don’t know what kind of changes may be introduced to the game (because the patch notes haven’t been released yet), simply make that clear and use this as an opportunity to ask Blizzard for more information so you can write an article when you actually have information to write on.

What are its similarities?

Similarity is all about comparison between dos2 rune frames and other mods, games, or other topics. This section should, however, not be a “which is better to use” type of thing. Instead, it should explain how dos2 rune frames compare with other mods and with games, if it’s related to those topics at all.

It should also not be limited only to comparisons with other mods or games. Any topic can be compared, such as a comparison between the mod’s boss fights and how they work in the official games (such as Diablo and Diablo 2). In addition, you can compare dos2 rune frames’ features against common sense and against user expectations (for example if a feature contradicts what players might expect from the game or from others’ comments on that game).


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