Frosting Design Ideas for Home-Made Cake Bakers


A cake is the celebratory element that turns birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, get-togethers, weddings into momentous events. The deliciousness of the cake tends to stir sweetness in everyone’s heart. With the ease and convenience of online bakeries, many are relying on these for online cake order in Trichy. However, there are folks who believe that there is no greater joy than baking a cake with love for your dearest ones. If you fall in the latter category you surely browse frosting ideas for decorating your cakes. Icing is like love, it makes cake more beautiful and tasty just like love makes life worthwhile. So, with practice and a few tools; you can master the art of icing and frosting on cakes. 

A round-up of buttercream frosting ideas for cakes. You can use these for all of your celebrations. 

  1. Ombre Cake: Ombre is a technique where a transition from deeper hues to lighter shades is achieved. Ombre cakes have become quite popular because they look absolutely stunning and gorgeous. To achieve an ombre cake design, you would need buttercreams of different colours. Pick one colour family, such as pink, purple, red, yellow, orange, etc. Keep the darker shades at the bottom and work your way to the top with lighter shades. With the help of spatula and scraper smoother you can create the ombre effect. 
  1. Rose Cake: Rosette cake looks romantic. If you are planning a romantic surprise for someone, you can go with its idea. Moreover, perfect swirls look appealing to the eyes and taste buds. If you have a way with piping bags and nozzles, you can surely create this one. Fit the piping bag with a large open star piping nozzle.  Fill the piping bag with a buttercream in any flavour and colour. Start at the centre of the rose and pipe in the increasing circles until you reach the desired shape and form. 
  1. Rainbow Cake: Rainbow cake design is perfect for kids birthday parties because they love everything colourful and bright. You can create the rainbow effect in the cake as well as frosting. For cake, mix edible food colours and bake 3-4 different coloured cakes. Then, you can use colorful buttercream stripes and sprinkles for decoration as per your imagination. Pastel colours or bold is absolutely your choice. 
  1. Candy Cake: Chocolates and candies are favourite of all. No matter the age or gender, no one can resist the sweetness of candies and chocolates. This is the perfect cake design for anniversaries, birthdays, and other celebrations. Coat the cake with buttercream in the favourite flavour of your choice. Use chocolate syrup or ganache for the dripping effect. Then add bits, pieces, and chunks of chocolate, candies, Oreo biscuits on the top. This cake idea works best if you are not well versed with piping techniques. 
  1. Hydrangea Cake: Hydrangea cake screams of beauty and perfection. The cake design is inspired from the beautiful Hydrangea flowers. This one is ideal for spring parties, showers, and floral themed parties. Pastels hues of purples, blues, and whites are used for this cake. Small star size nozzle for creating the desired look. Cover the entire cake in blue, purple, and white buttercream Hydrangea flowers. 
  1. Oreo Cake: A cake flavour that leaves the people craving for more. Make chocolate cake with crumbs of Oreo in it. Add some finely crushed Oreo powder in freshly whipped cream to coat the cake with it. Then, use melted chocolate for the dripping effect. Make dollops from the piping nozzle. Use an open star piping nozzle. On each dollop, place an Oreo biscuit. This one is for oreogasmic feelings. 
  1. Flower Basket: A cake that looks like a real flower basket. The guests will think a hundred times before slicing it. It will be an absolute delight to make and taste such a pretty cake. For the basket weave design, you can use. Basket weave nozzle or speciality piping nozzle can be used. Use chocolate flavour for the basket weave design. Then, pipe flowers in different colours using a variety of piping nozzles. 
  1. Petal Cake: Last on the list is petal cake. It is easy to make. Don’t be terrified with the design. As you work with it, you will get to know that it’s super easy to make and create. Pipe thick drops of buttercream and smear it with the back of the spoon for the desired effect. 

Which one are you going to try first?


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