Ghost Blogging: Turn leads into customers

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andrew neel cckf4TsHAuw unsplash 1

Ghost blogging is an emerging trend in marketing that uses automated marketing techniques to produce organic results.

 Ghost blogging helps marketers convert leads into customers by automating their lead generation process.

ghost (blogging platform) effectively takes over the task of posting new content from the owner.

 There are currently a number of bloggers who have begun using this strategy to market their businesses online, and they have been able to see a substantial increase in traffic as a result.

This article will review what ghost blogging is, how it works, and how you can use the concept to increase your sales.

What is ghost blogging?

Ghost blogging is a marketing strategy that generates leads and converts them to customers by using automated techniques. 

It’s a process by which you automatically publish posts on an RSS feed generated from third-party sources.

 These posts include generated posts from free tools such as FeedBlitz, Feedburner, and Feedly.

The generated posts include content that interests the topic of your blog. You can then provide a call to action or opt-in box at the end of each generated post.

 This allows users to subscribe to your blog and generate leads, which eventually turns into customers. 

Another benefit of this strategy is that the generated posts help you stay active on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter .

How does ghost blogging work?

Ghost blogging is a time-saving solution for marketers. 

The process involves using a plugin that generates new posts on your blog. 

These generated posts include links and information that would be of interest to your existing and potential customers. 

You can then publish the generated post on your blog and provide a call to action or opt-in form at the end of each one.

You can use this strategy with an RSS feed from a free service such as FeedBlitz, Feedburner, or Feedly. 

Your subscribers or leads can then subscribe to your blog through these feeds instead of you manually updating them every time you post new content on your blog.

How can you use the concept to increase your sales ?

1. Get people to your blog more frequently

One of the main points of ghost blogging is to get more visitors to your blog.

 You can do this by promoting blog posts via social media. Posting blog content on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus allows you to reach out to potential customers that are browsing these social media platforms right now. 

These potential customers could be using keywords related to your business, industry, or niche.

 As long as you can attract their attention with relevant content on these platforms , they will become new leads for you.

Many marketers use tools like Buffer or Hootsuite to share their blog posts on multiple social media channels at once; however, there are other options too .

 You can use services such as Sprout Social or Spredfast that let you share your content on a social media network and a blog at the same time.

2. Get leads without doing extra legwork

Ghost blogging is a great way to automate your marketing if you have a hard time staying active on social media platforms. 

While blogging does require you to write, ghost blogging lets you focus more of your time on other aspects of your business, such as product development.

3. Generate leads from subscribers of third-party sites

One of the most powerful uses of ghost blogging is that it enables readers to subscribe to new posts without you having to manually send new posts out every time on your RSS feed.

 This is done by generating posts that are of interest to your subscribers or leads based on what they are reading on their end.

 It also gives you the option to insert a call to action or opt-in form at the end of each generated post.

4. Reach out to more people

Ghost blogging is a great strategy for reaching out to people outside of your network.

 As long as you can attract their attention with relevant content on various social media platforms, they will become new leads for you.

 This is because the new content on your blog is being generated automatically based on their interests . 

You can then give them an option to subscribe or opt-in by placing a call to action or opt-in box at the end of each generated post.


Ghost blogging is one marketing strategy that you should use to automate your lead generation and customer acquisition efforts.

 It involves using third-party feeds and writing automated posts that will generate leads for your business. 

All you have to do is promote them using social media channels and generate leads from those channels as well as your blog’s RSS feed. 

Once you set up the system, it will be easier for you to generate new leads without doing extra legwork.


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