Hand Held Showers – A Way to Convenient Shower

Hand Held Showers

Upgrade your shower from a conventional wall mount shower to a Hand held shower head. Unlike a wall mount shower, Hand held shower head provides an easy shower because you can easily spray water all over the body with its flexible hand held head, and you may shower without even getting your hair wet. So grace your luxurious bathrooms with unique modern layouts of hand held shower head

What is Hand Held Shower head?

Hand held shower head is a convenient hand held shower with its flexible end that sprays your whole body with efficient pressure and in other styles too. i.e., Rain spray, power spray, etc. 

Turbocharged technology:

Speed of water pressure is the most interesting and concerning feature of any shower head. So here’s me again with another unique Hand held shower head. Turbocharged technology increases water speed, and ergonomic water pressure, and its smooth flow will release your daily life stress.

Variety of Hand Held shower:

Check out the variety of Hand held shower head here below:

Six functions Magnetic Hand held shower Head:

A magnetic hand held shower head is a durable metal consisting of a magnetic shower head with a comfortable flexible handle. They are usually available in matte black, chrome, and oiled bronze colors. 

Design and style vary from brand to brand. Magnetic docking allows a Hand held shower head to reattach to its handle without any fuss. 

Six functions:

Six functions that a Hand held shower head handles are full stream, high-pressure jets, massage, mist, soft stream, and wide-angle coverage.

Wall mount Hand held shower head:

Many clinical benefits are taken from Wall mount hand held shower head. Wall mount hand held shower head by Power spray will let you release your muscle tension, joint discomfort, and stress. 

Smart hand held shower head:

Ever heard of smart bathroom sanitary before? Not! The 21st century introduced man with smart technology even in bathroom sanitary. The Smart Hand held Shower head syncs to mobile through Bluetooth and tracks your usage. The handle will light up when the water is warm to notify you about the temperature. Temperature sensors are integrated into such a unique and amazing Hand held shower head. 

High-pressure Hand held shower head:

Many of us prefer high-pressure shower to release our muscle tension and stres. Here is another amazing layout of a Hand held shower head with a flow rate of 5 GPM (the Highest allowed pressure in the United States). Other standout features are also there. A built-in ergonomic handle and 6-foot long hose provides a facility to let you choose whichever area of your body you want to get. 

Glacier Bay Hand held shower head:

Much be Interested in a bit more basic product? You can’t go wrong with this new amazing and unique Hand held shower head. This type of hand held shower head is wallet-friendly and usually has three modes: full stream, pulse, and a combo of full and pulse stream.

Why should you choose a Hand held shower head?

Thanks to the Hand held shower head that provides a lightweight shower head that lets you reach different areas of your body and your targeted area that can easily get wet. Brands consult with licensed plumbers and launch their quality hand held shower head. 


Hand held shower head in a nutshell is a relaxing shower head that provides a strong stress-relieving hydrodynamic massage. Up to 40% of water usage can be controlled by Hand held shower head. 


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