Harry Potter Muggle Technology Fanfiction

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One way to explain the Harry Potter muggle technology fanfiction is by looking at it as a kind of empowerment. This genre is attributed to the relative powerlessness that muggles have in the wizarding world. These stories are rife with themes of survival, rebellion, and “the fight against oppression” which are typically associated with fiction for adults.

 The best-known example is My Immortal, where all the technology that exists in this story aids in these struggles for equality. The best examples of this are the two Weasley twins, who were muggles who had to use technology to escape from their house and then from England, and then from the wizarding world.

The story also revolves around a series of principles: first, that if you have a chance to fight “the man” by any means necessary, you should take it; second, that any means necessary is justified for your goal; and third, that one should always stand with his or her friends against an oppressive enemy. 

These are three examples of what we would call political philosophies in Western society. The first relates to people power through rebellion; the second supports “evil” acts such as taking over the world (i.e. “global domination”) if it benefits you and your friends (i.e. your “band of brothers”); and the third, which is a sub point of the first and second, views your true friends as the only people who count in determining your behavior and supports “an eye for an eye” revenge.

Harry Potter Muggle Technology Fanfiction :

1. Philosophy of Violence :

He was the hero of this story, but what exactly is a hero? He is the one who heeds the call to arms, because at least he had a better chance of surviving. That is why we are all heroes of our stories, because even though they end, in most cases at least we survived them. 

Although other people do not recognize it as such, they are still heroes and they answer the call to arms. This fanfiction explores this philosophy of violence by first looking at some examples of people who exemplify it through their actions. It then examines how these actions are seen as heroic in Western society, if they qualify as heroes or not.

2. Philosophy of Evil :

The philosophy of evil is outlined in the story as a universal acceptance of “evil deeds” in order to achieve stated goals. The fact that the author presents this position as a goal to be achieved means that the writer sees it as a good thing. 

This is traditionally considered an “evil deed,” but it becomes a series of rationalizations for the author’s chosen set of “good purposes.” It can also be seen when an action or its result is considered good and then bad, based on which character carried out or was involved with that action or its result.

3. Philosophy of Good :

The philosophy of good is not seen as a universal code for behavior, but rather one that can be used in the context of your own goals and behaviors. If your goal is to destroy evil, you may choose to destroy it without any regard for others who are affected by it; but if you have a more “good” goal to achieve, then you may also have to take into account the fact that many people suffer from this type of evil.

 This philosophy raises the question: whom do we consider as our true enemies? Do we only consider those who oppose us or everyone who opposes what we are trying to achieve? Harry Potter Muggle Technology Fanfiction :

4. Philosophy of the Fight Against Oppression :

The philosophy of the fight against oppression is shown as a plot device. The oppressed revolt against their oppressors and then fight to change society from the way that it currently is, to the way they see it can be. 

This fanfiction demonstrates this philosophy by viewing technology in a manner similar to how people view magic: as an object of fear devised by people who are different than you and with different motives than you so that they can harm you.

 Embracing the oppressive nature of technology (i.e., its tendency to destroy individual power) means rejecting it in favor of “magic,” which leads to an increase in your power over others and control over them. Therefore, the only way to fight oppression is to embrace the oppression itself. This is especially true when the oppressors are technologically superior.

5. The Golden Rule :

The golden rule, which is usually called loving thy neighbor as thyself, is explored in this story. What if your neighbor wants to be your enemy? This question is explored through the concept of “fascism,” which is an extremely oppressive form of government. 

If someone imposes its beliefs on you, what would you do? How far will you go to avoid being oppressed by them? In this fanfiction, Harry Potter Muggle Technology Fanfiction , violence against our enemies seems like the only option because they are not just opposing us, they are oppressing us by controlling the rest of society and using their power over others to take away our own power over others.


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