Here’s What People Are Saying About The Great Race Pittsburgh 2015

Great Race Pittsburgh 2015
Great Race Pittsburgh 2015

The 2015 Great Race Pittsburgh has been an amazing event and we want to thank those who participated! The weather couldn’t have been any better and we had over 1,000 racers show up to run for a great cause. We had participants from all over the United States and even internationally. The great race pittsburgh 2015 is the 3rd annual running of the Great Race Pittsburgh and we hope to see you in 2016! The Great Race Pittsburgh 2015 was a phenomenal day for us. 

Though it was an amazing event and a great day for all, we would like to apologize about some of the issues that were present on the course during the run. The course was not properly marked at many points which caused other participants to get lost or get hurt. Over 40 people had problems with the proper marking of the course causing many injuries in this year’s race .

Here’s What People Are Saying About The Great Race Pittsburgh  :

1. I really enjoyed the course. 

I really liked being able to ask for directions from other runners and getting so much back from them. I loved the challenge of the different signals/puzzles on the course, as well as trying to figure out where I was in relation to other parts of town at any given time. It was a great event overall, and I hope to participate again next year!

2. The race was amazing! 

I had a great time! I loved the amount of traffic we got to experience as runners, and the line of people cheering us on as we ran by was beyond words. I would love to do it again next year!

3. It was a great time! 

I would love to be a part of this race again in the future. I found myself feeling safe and secure on the course even when things got a little rough! I loved the idea of being able to ask other runners for directions or recommendations on what to do next. It was a great day! On a side note, I loved listening to the announcers giving us updates on where the other racers were along the course. It was really neat hearing that they were doing very well or struggling with certain challenges and tasks.

4. The race was awesome! 

The race was great and I’m so glad I did it again this year. I liked how you could ask for help from other runners to get through any challenges or puzzles. The first two times my wife ran she got lost both times. Now, she knows how to get around not only the course but most of the city as well. Thanks for an awesome experience!

5. I love the race! 

I really enjoyed how you could ask for help from other runners and how they were actually willing to help out. The race course was fun, but a little confusing at times, simply because it was hard figuring out where we were on the map and what direction to go next. But overall, I had an amazing time! Thank you for organizing this awesome event!

6. The race was very fun and exciting! 

My favorite part of the whole race was the crowd cheer sections. I loved hearing people cheer for me as I passed by. It made me feel like I had a lot of support behind me as I ran through town. It was also fun being able to ask for directions from other runners and being around so many friendly people.

7. The race was fantastic! 

I loved how we could ask for help from other runners on the course for anything we needed, be it directions or even moral support. It’s great that we were able to experience the city together, and I think it gives some of us a new appreciation for Pittsburgh! I would love to do it again next year!

8. I really enjoyed the race! 

The thing that stuck out in my mind was how everyone cheered everyone on along the way, no matter what position they were in or where they came from in the pack. It made me feel like we were all in this together. I had a great time and I would love to do it again next year!

9. The course was very fun and exciting! 

I really liked the course because it was fun to be able to ask for directions from other runners when you got lost. It also made me feel like we were all in this together, no matter where we came from in the pack or what time we started out at (which I thought was super cool!) Being able to ask for help is amazing, and I loved being able to hear cheers coming from different sides of the course. Overall, the race was a lot of fun!

10. I loved the whole race experience. 

This was my first time running, and I have done a lot of walking in my life, so it wasn’t easy. There were many times where I thought “Next year, maybe this will be easier than walking”. But I pushed myself through and by the end, I was happy that I finished. It took a lot out of me to finish this race, but in the end it was all worth it. The course is very hard but it’s up to you how far you want to go. If you push yourself and your own limits then by the end of the day when you are finished, you feel confident that you did your best and overcome those challenges yourself.


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