Home Video Walkthroughs Help in Selling Homes Quickly

Video Walkthroughs

Everyone requires a house to stay in, and many people prefer to invest in real estate since they are more likely to make a profit. However, finding a suitable house can be a very tedious and time consuming process for the home buyer, since he will usually have to visit multiple homes, before deciding which home is right for him. Realizing that many home buyers and investors are leading a very hectic life and do not have the time to visit each property, many property sellers and real estate agents are using videos for marketing the properties. Prospective buyers can first watch the video, and only if they are interested in buying the property, they can arrange to visit it. This is also convenient for the seller, since they do not have to accompany the prospective buyer for the property visit.


The increasing popularity of property videos for marketing and selling the property, makes it important to ensure that the video walkthrough real estate is done correctly, so that it will sell quickly at a high price. Most property owners will hire a professional photographer for making a video of the home which they wish to sell. Some of the factors which should be checked to ensure that the photographer makes a high quality video of the house which includes all the information which prospective buyers are looking for are discussed in detail below.


Before choosing a photographer, it is important to ensure that he has proper equipment which will be required for making the video. The photographer should have a DSLR of resolution at least 1080 p. The camera should have a wide angle lens 16-24 mm. The camera should have a Gimbal stabilizer and tripod slider for producing quality images. Though a voiceover is optional for the video, it helps increase the possibility of a sale. Ideally the agent who is organizing a walkthrough of the property should wear a levalier mike


The walkthrough should have footage of all sections of the home, and usually there is a separate clip for each section. In case of a stand alone house, a video of a person moving from the gate to the door, the garden area and backdoor is required. Then a video moving from the living room to the kitchen to highlight the features of each room should be shot. After this the videos of the various bedrooms and bathrooms can be shot, highlighting the lighting, design of each room. The balcony and specific features of the home, which make it attractive should also be included in the video.

Video specifications

After the footage is obtained, the footage is edited to produce the video walkthrough which can be uploaded on real estate websites and used for marketing. The video should be in MP4 or MOV format, since most people are able to view these videos on their phone or computer and it should be less than 5 GB in size. The video length is usually one to three minutes, and consists of a number of video clips. The duration of each clip in the video is between 10 to 30 seconds. The clips should be preferably shot in the same sequence as they appear in the video.


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