Houston car accident lawyers: Knowing about them may save you a lot of trouble.


A car accident is a serious event which can lead to destruction of life and property. Car accidents claim the lives of over 36,000 people each year in the United States alone. Houston probably has the deadliest roads in the country and odds are, any people living in Houston have been involved in a car accident. According to the Department of Transportation, there were 439,388 auto accidents in Texas alone, which led to 1,876 deaths and 10,054 serious injuries. When someone gets involved in a car accident, it is wise to determine the exact cause of the incident, and lay a claim for compensation for the damage done to someone and their property. Houston car accident lawyers If the accident results in injury or the accident was caused by the negligence of another driver, a good lawyer may be the only one who will help you get compensated as soon as possible. 

Why need a lawyer

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If someone experiences an auto accident and suffers physical injury or property damage, they may try to get compensated by the other party or the insurance company, which may not result in a fruitful way. The insurance adjuster will try to devalue the case, and will return with an offer which will not even begin to cover the actual damage the victim suffered. On the other hand, hiring an experienced car accident lawyer has many positive sides. They will stand by the side of the victim and make the journey to recovery easier by advising on the proper medical care needed, helping with the insurance claim easier and within a short time, investigating the proper cause of the incident and proving liability and negotiating a settlement beneficial to the client in every possible way. Accidents are unexpected events and if you are experiencing one involving a automobile which resulted in injury or property damage, and you are certain of the fault of other driver, it is always the best idea to hire a lawyer who will take the necessary steps to lay a claim against the damage you suffered and arrange a settlement which will cover the loss. 

Steps to take right after an accident 

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The unexpected and sudden shock of an accident may cloud someone’s judgement for the time being, but it is important to take a few necessary steps which will be important and help with later events. Assessment of injuries and seeking medical care is first and of foremost importance. One should move out of the road, and try to move the vehicle to the side also if it is possible. Contacting the police and reporting the incident is another priority. One should take photographs of the accident scene and injuries suffered as evidence and obtain a copy of the police report. Lastly, the victim should contact an experienced car accident lawyer who will help and guide the victim so they can recover from the loss within as much as possible. If possible, the victim should also gather the contact details of some witnesses and take photos of the vehicle, the defendant, license plate numbers, the other driver’s driving license and the police officer’s name and badge number. All of these will act as evidence and help while laying a claim for the damage done in the accident. 

Determining the value of the claim

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Every accident is unique in its own way, no there is no fixed formula to determine the value of the claim to be laid by the victim party. There are some factors which contributes to the determination of claim value such as the seriousness of the victim’s injury, including disfigurement and emotional duress, the cost of immediate and future medical expenses, total amount of property damage, total amount of damage of earning capacity, the level of contribution of the victim to cause the accident and most importantly, the lawyer’s ability to present the case. Houston laws allow an injured person to lay claim with the other driver’s insurance. Dealing with the insurance company on your own comes with the risk of undervaluing a claim and will not be as effective and swift as with an attorney at your disposal.   


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