How can I use reddit for my business?

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tech daily zHMEPfPWEoE unsplash

A lot of people think that reddit is just a website with funny gifs and cat pictures. If you’re one of those people, then obviously you’re wrong. 

Reddit also has an enormous community of intelligent and passionate people who love to share their knowledge and advice on a diverse range of topics.

And if you want to use reddit top minds for your business, then we’ve got the perfect article for you! 

We’ll show you how to make the most out of this incredible online forum, as well as how to get the most popular posts on your chosen industry published on top subreddits.

What makes reddit so special?

The first thing that makes reddit so unique and valuable for businesses is the community.

 If you’ve ever been on other forums, you’ll know that the other members only talk about whatever is relevant to them. 

On other forums, if you want your post to be seen by other people who aren’t part of your real life circle, then you need to make it interesting enough to get people’s attention.

 But on reddit, it’s the opposite: if the topic is interesting enough to you, then thousands of genuinely interested people will be interested too.

Let’s take a hypothetical example: if you’re part of a car repair business, you might start this week by posting on reddit about how to fix your compression-seal issues.

Then, the next day, one of your customers will see your post and offer you a free quote for the work.

 Then one of your other customers will see the post and send you an email asking about what kinds of jobs they can do. 

Then another customer will pick up that thread and get in touch with you about whether or not they need any cars repaired. The list just goes on and on.

Ways to use reddit for business :

1. Using reddit to advertise your business

Reddit is an excellent platform for advertising. It has more than 170,000 active communities (known as subreddits) that are interested in any topic you can imagine.

 If you want to attract customers who are interested in your products, you can target your ad at the right subreddit.

 And by spending some money on these ads, you’ll be able to massively increase traffic to your website or landing pages.

2. Finding the right audience with the help of reddit

Since there is no better online forum than reddit, it makes sense that this will be one of your best resources when it comes to finding the right audience for your business products and services. 

You can search for other people who are interested in your industry or product, and contact them to get a free quote.

3. Finding the right website to re-share your post on reddit

If you can’t find a good advertising platform for your business on reddit, there’s always a way around it! 

You can always find great websites that also post about similar topics to yours and repost your posts/ads on their website! Just ask them if they’d be prepared to allow you access to their posts for free!

4. Writing articles and advising on reddit

Sometimes, advertising and marketing is not your cup of tea. Instead, you might like to share your knowledge and experience with other people who are also interested in your industry. 

If you do that on reddit, then other people will notice that you’re an expert in the field and come to you for advice or further information. 

And if they really value your advice, they’ll link to your website in the post!

5. Finding a job or a partner

One of the most popular things to do on reddit is to find a job or a partner.

 You’ll find more than 50,000,000 companies listed on the site. If you’ve got a product that interfaces with those companies, then it means that you’ll have more potential customers than you know what to do with!

Benefits of reddit on business :

1. Massive target audience

Reddit is one of the most popular websites in the world, with thousands of people visiting it every single day.

 Therefore, if you want to attract a massive number of people to your website, then reddit is one of your best bets.

2. Great prices for advertising your products/services

If you want to make money out of advertising on reddit, then you can do so at very low prices. 

This means that you can make even more profits by spending less money on ads! Since reddit is such a massive community, this will be extremely profitable for your business!

3. Fast results

Reddit is a very active community. If you’ve ever posted something on the site and thought that no one would see it, then you’re wrong. 

Because of the active community, your posts will be seen by thousands of people in a very short amount of time! 


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