How Can Video Footage Help My Slip and Fall Case?


Video footage is very important in a slip and fall case because it is visual evidence of what occurred and shows that your side of the story is credible. The footage can be useful, whether it was taken while the incident happened or immediately afterward. This is because it will show the hazardous conditions of the property that caused the accident, such as poor lighting, wet floors without signage, or loose handrails.

If you have been injured in a tripping incident because of someone else’s negligence, the defendant may present a completely different story than yours, such as claiming that the premises had no hazards or that you trespassed into the property. Therefore, if you want to strengthen your case against the defendant, you should strive to present video evidence of a slip and fall accident. The footage may highlight:

Injuries sustained

The footage can strengthen your case by showing the fall and the subsequent injuries you sustained. Moreover, it can be used to calculate the amount of compensation you should be given by the defendant, which should also cover the costs of the treatment you incurred to recuperate.

Proof of negligence

The footage can also prove that hazardous conditions existed, such as wet surfaces without signage, poor lighting, and uneven flooring. Moreover, it can highlight how long the property had hazardous conditions before it was rectified.

If you did not manage to record the incident while it happened or immediately afterward, you should reach out to an attorney who can contact anyone in the area who may have recorded it before it’s too late. There are many cameras that are constantly rolling in this digital era, and some may have caught the incident as it happened. These cameras include:

Indoor and outdoor security cameras

Many businesses all over the country have cameras of some kind, whether they are indoor, outdoor, or even both. If the cameras near your accident scene were recording at the time of the incident, you may be able to recover the footage. Moreover, there may be home security cameras nearby which may have captured the incident if it happened outdoors.

Law enforcement

In most areas, the local law enforcement agencies place cameras in strategic areas around the city with the sole intention of catching any lawbreakers or accidents.

Traffic cameras

Traffic cameras are always on intending to catch people who disregard traffic rules and run red lights. Not only can they record the road, but nearby businesses and properties as well. Therefore, if someone trips and sustains injuries outside a property or business establishment, they may be able to capture the incident.


The footage is a crucial element that you can use to strengthen your case and lend credibility to your side of the story. It can show the defendant’s negligence by highlighting the hazardous condition. If you did not manage to record or take pictures, you can get the footage from business cameras, law enforcement cameras, traffic cameras, and home cameras if they captured the incident.


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