How Effective Are Cat Self Defense Keychains


When the matter at hand is personal safety, any and all tools are valuable. Sure there is the argument that effectiveness is important, but it’s also subjective. If you are looking to get self defense keychains, they work for a lot of people. The cat self defense keychain is specifically important for women as they’re discreet. They do require a little practice to use the right way and to make sure they protect you. To properly understand how effective are cat self defense keychains, you should know what they are.

If you have experience with brass knuckles then you can figure out the structure of a cat keychain. As a weapon, the self defense keychain is a lot like a knuckle duster, but sleeker and more dangerous. Instead of just the knuckleheads, it also has sharp jagged ear-shaped blades in it. Casually dubbed the cat self defense keychain, it looks like an innocent cat-ear shaped keychain souvenir. The jagged points are the actual weapon that is used to punch someone or jab them with it. For anyone who doesn’t believe in violent fight backs, this weapon is the perfect tool. It works well to deter and scare off attackers but isn’t lethal or harmful in any other way.

Types of Keychain Weapons You Can Buy

There are plenty of options in the market for you if you want self defense tools. Out of those many variants, keychain weapons are becoming popular because they’re easy to carry. Compared to other weapons like knives or tasers, they pose less risk and are still quite effective. Naturally there are some good tools in keychain weapons you can find for personal defense.

  • Mini Sting Ring

Although this might not be a keychain weapon but it can be fastened to a key ring. A mini sting ring is a variety of self defense stun guns for joggers or pedestrians. They are wearable rings that you can wear on your knuckles to tackle unwanted advances. They are a little mix of knuckle weapons and tasers but are much safer. They are smaller than and not as electrifying as full-blown tasers but they’re good enough for a shock.

  • Keychain Kubaton

Another non-lethal and seemingly safe weapon you can carry is a mini baton. Invented by a Japanese fighter, the Kubaton is a small metal rod used for self defense. It comes with a key ring and can be fastened to your car keys and purses for accessibility. You can learn some basic striking techniques to defend yourself in case of an attack.

  • Cat knuckles

The more commonly known as kitty self defense keychains, the cat knuckles are potent weapons. They seem incredibly casual and innocent but the cat ears are sharp and dangerous. As mentioned before, they are the primary keychain weapons for personal defense. They are easily disguisable as collectibles and they don’t draw attention. That makes them even more effective as weapons because they can be sneaked in anywhere.

Tricks To Use The Safety Cat Keychain Properly

Since the cat keychain is not a technical or digital tool, it does require actual force and action. It is recommended for people who don’t shy away from physical confrontation. This is a tool for someone who will engage with their assailant to escape or fight back. If you do want to keep something like this to have an edge in a tussle, here are some tricks to help you.

  • In order to use the cat keychain effectively you have to correct your punching stance. It requires you to put some force into your punch to actually cause any damage.
  • When you do have to use this tool, always wear it in your dominant hand for maximum impact.
  • Always keep the keychain on you when you are leaving your house or walking alone. You don’t want to be caught unaware and have to fumble to wear it in the moment.
  • When you encounter an assault, use the cat-eared blades to dig into the assailant’s skin. Bones are also a good place to strike like the jaw or elbow as it will hurt more.
  • If you unfortunately find yourself in a violent situation, go for the ears or the eyes. These are sensitive parts of the body that hurt more and will make the attacker draw away quickly.
  • Cat keychains are effective weapons for when you travel alone on public transport. Especially if you’re in a cab and you feel something going down, draw out your keychain. You can jam the points into the driver’s ear to get them to slow down the car.
  • In a face to face confrontation, the face or neck are the right points to strike. You need to make sure you have a tight grasp on the cat knuckles so you don’t lose control.

Is It Illegal To Carry A Keychain Weapon?

In some cases it would be challenging to determine whether a weapon is illegal. But when it comes to self defense weapons, the rules are pretty different and lax most of the time. If you take the self defense keychain, it has many different variations and it is always non-lethal. Considering the self defense keychain, they are legal for sale and purchase. When not in use, any keychain weapon can be passed off as a collectible or novelty. There are no state laws that prohibit the use of self defense keychains in the United States. You might be charged with possession of a weapon if you use it to commit a crime.

Where To Get The Best Cat Keychains In The United States?

If you go out looking for cat keychains, you will probably find them at souvenir stores as well. If you don’t find them in your local stores, the best cat keychains are available online. One of the best ones is the black cat self defense keychain which is becoming quite popular with women. When looking for a badass weapon, a cat self defense keychain metal version is the best one. It will ensure that you get to put up a fair fight and tackle your opponent. But for the complete variety, visit the PA Knives online store for the best range of cat keychains. Safety can be uncomplicated as well, and the self defense weapons at PA Knives will prove that to you.


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