How Simple Personality Styles Training Helped Me Succeed

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For many years I struggled with my personality. I did not know how to handle it when people didn’t agree with me or follow my leadership. Compounding this problem was that even when I knew the right answer, I often let others do the work for me in hopes of being liked by these same people. Then, with the help of Simple Personality Styles Training, everything began to make sense! All of a sudden my strengths became assets and all of these struggles seemed somehow trivial in retrospect. All I had to do was apply this new knowledge to be successful.

It is now obvious that I possess the traits of an Inter-relater style. The Inter-relations style is typically described as “influential, self-confident, organized, and responsible.” I would describe myself as organized, responsible, and very good at building relationships with people. The traits of an Interrelated person mean that I am not a leader but a great “team player” who gets along with everyone on a team. It is easy for me to collaborate with others because they know they can count on me to follow through on anything we agree on. In fact, I almost never refuse to cooperate with someone else if it will help us achieve a common goal. My Interrelater style is what allows my personality to flourish in modern society where people work together as a team to accomplish a shared goal. It is also the reason why I am able to be successful in all I do at work and at home.

Thanks to Simple Personality Styles Training, I know how to handle my personality type and what types of situations bring out the best in me as well as those around me. I now apply my knowledge about myself to work on my weaknesses, which are mostly found in the Analyzing trait. This is perhaps the most difficult trait for me to deal with because it means I need to work hard to think things through before I act. Unlike Interrelated types, Analyzers are people who like to “dig into details” and be consistent which sometimes can cause them to procrastinate too long on something they don’t want to do. But, thanks to Simple Personality Styles Training, I know how to handle my Analyzer traits when I feel frustrated or lonely. As an Interrelated type, it is easy for me to forget that others might not find details as interesting or important as myself.

I am now actively applying the knowledge I learned to improve myself. I have become more confident in myself while remaining capable of being humble. While I make mistakes, I know how to problem-solve them once they happen. And, most importantly for me, I know how to handle my personality type on a daily basis.

You might be wondering how I learned about Simple Personality Styles. Well, it was easy! A friend told me about it after I had shared my struggles with her. She had personally used this knowledge to help her family become better organized, which in turn made them all happier. Not only did Simple Personality Styles Training help her but also the whole family benefited from it so much so that she created a blog where we could all post our stories and share our thoughts and insights.

Simple Personality Styles Training has been a huge help for me. It gave me the tools I needed to become more independent and confident with my personality type. I have been able to be a better person for myself and in

turn, a better friend to everyone around me. I am so grateful that I was given this knowledge because it has inadvertently opened up new doors of opportunity for the future!


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