There were days when if someone says the word education the image in mind appears to be different but now when someone says education, the image in mind totally appears to be different. Back then 40 to 50 years ago, people used to educate themselves by going to places that did not even exist in their area of residence. They have to find those places far by. And that was the only way of having an education at that time. They used to travel miles just to attend a lecture. There were no mobile phones back then. People don’t even know what Samsung or Oale Mobiles are. There was also no concept for school bags to keep the notebooks at a place, they used to carry notebooks in their hands and travel long routes to reach out to their destinations.

At that time not only did students have to travel that long but teachers also had to travel hours just for delivering a single lecture.

That was the time of white chalk and blackboards, students in the classrooms full of wooden benches waiting for recess bell, teachers attending teacher meetings in staff rooms. Those parent-teacher meetings when the session ends and results in announcement functions, with sports day and inter batch matches. That time has gone. 

Education has become a lot more easily accessible and convenient to avail. Thanks to technology and mobile manufacturing companies like Oale Mobiles that had manufactured phones like Oale xs2 mobile price in Pakistan.

Now when you talk about the education you instantly thought of internet gadgets, technologies, ideas, and innovation, education nowadays gives a much vast idea to learn. There are so many ways in which you can utilize technology for educational purposes. Some of them are listed below: 

Explore topics online 

There is a lot of content on the internet available on almost every topic. You can search your educational topics online too. People upload research papers and descriptive videos which comprise detailed discussion on those topics. The topics online give you aid because you can download that content, keep it with you, and can have access anytime irrespective of location. If you attend a lecture in a classroom you can not watch it on repeat or forward or reverse it or cannot take it with you anywhere. This is the perk that the internet empowers you with. 

Those podcasts or videos are made that way that keeps you engaged with that content. The videos are made graphically attractive and highly engaging to keep people of every age group or some targeted age group glued to that content.

Use video recorder

If the teacher is teaching some topic which you cannot make notes of or the teacher hasn’t shared the slides yet which they taught you in class. In that case, you could use the video recorder of your phone and record the lecture in the classroom but make sure to take permission from your teacher before recording the video. It would make your study easier. You could watch that video anytime or again and again to understand the topic. If your teacher has asked you to make some PowerPoint presentation including a testimonial video of yourself and you forget to do that, no worries! you can do that from your phone too. If you have a smartphone it could help you make the presentation on PowerPoint using your mobile phone with that testimonial video recorded at any instance and compiling that PowerPoint for submission before the due time without getting worried. You can shoot the video with any smartphone just like the mobile phones of Oale Mobiles. 

Using the calendar in the right way

You can give notes to your calendar along with the date and time so the calendar could notify you at the desired time. You can feed the assignment submission date, your presentation day, or any event that you don’t want to miss. Your calendar will keep giving you reminders of those events so you don’t miss out on anything relevant. Apart from the educational aspect, it could also remind you of your best friend’s birthday or an important family occasion that you don’t want to miss out on for sure. 

Read books online

Reading books while holding them in hand has definitely its own charm but sometimes it’s hard to carry a book especially when it is bigger in size and you are a bookworm and want your favorite book everywhere you go. In that case, the internet helps you, you can download the free PDF of your book on your smartphone and carry your phone as a book anywhere and complete your book in no time.

The above-mentioned are the benefits of Smartphones but there are a lot more advantages of having a mobile phone and using it for educational purposes. The smartphone has made education easily accessible for everyone. No matter if a person lives in a desert or an area where there is no reach for schools and colleges. They all can now have education just through smartphones. Oale Mobiles offers smartphones that are easy to use. 


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