How to Adopt an American Akita Dog


Are you thinking of how to adopt an American Akita Dog? If you are, then you are reading the right article because we will give you easy-to-follow steps to adopt one of these cuties. 

Since you have already made up your mind to adopt an Akita puppy, the process of having to decide on which breed to go for is out of the way. Nevertheless, there are other things you need to put in place before initiating the adoption process. 

Things to Consider before Starting the Adoption Process

1. Consider your Family

Adopting a puppy is by no means child’s play; rather it is taking on the responsibility of a parent. Puppies demand and require attention which is something you cannot give if you have a baby or little kids. 

It is revealed via a study that kids that are less than 7 years old don’t interact well with dogs that are less than 5 months old. The reason is that the kids don’t have an understanding of boundaries and as such may handle the pup in an aggressive manner that could lead to the dog biting them to get free. Inversely, little puppies too could get injured if they are handled roughly by the child. 

Apart from kids, consider other members of the house. Will they care for the dog if you are absent? You need to sit with them and discuss this so that you don’t just assume they will do so.

2. Consider your Home Space

Although American Akita puppies look like regular-sized puppies, they get bigger as they grow older. A matured male Akita can grow as tall as 26 – 28 inches with a weight range of 85 – 130 pounds. The females, on the other hand, can be as tall as 24 – 26 inches with a weight range of 70 – 110 pounds. 

Hence, you need a large home space because this breed can be very playful, has a high energy level with corresponding exercise needs. Since they were originally trained to serve as hunting dogs, they have the potential to wander. Hence, they aren’t going to sit on your couch all day. 

Having a large backyard or front yard can prove to be very helpful to accommodate all the needs of this dog. If you don’t have a large yard space, you need to constantly take them on walks to get rid of some stored energy. Visit to find out fun ways to exercise with your dog.


The Adoption Process

1. Choosing Where to Adopt From

Contrary to the belief of many, American Akitas can be found at local shelters or rescue groups. Hence, you don’t need to go to breeders to get one. Therefore, you have three options from where you can get this breed from.

The most cost-effective choice would be a local shelter. The most expensive but “best” option would be to choose one from breeders. Rescue groups sit in the middle of the other options.

To get an idea of how much the adoption fee costs, you can call several shelters, rescue groups, and breeders. When they tell you how much it cost, you can then assess based on your budget which is okay for you. However, do not let this be the only factor that determines which shelter, rescue group, or breeder you pick. 

Note that the adoption fee may not include neutering and spaying. Hence, if you want these done, it is preferable you pay a higher adoption fee that includes these services to save you higher expenses. 

2. Visit Different Shelters, Rescue Groups, and Breeders 

As we said above, don’t just pick any place to adopt a dog, you need to verify their quality. The possibility of getting a well-behaved and healthy puppy is higher when a quality keep is patronized.

You need to ask as many questions as you desire from the staff and even management. Their response will determine how well organized or disorganized they are. 

Make sure the place where they keep the dogs is clean. Also, confirm if the dogs themselves are well-groomed and healthy.

3. Meet your Potential Puppy Pet

Although dogs that belong to the same breed have a general set of temperaments, they still exhibit individuality. So, don’t just pick any Akita at random, instead interact (pet and play) with them one after the other. Make sure you interact with them according to the shelter, rescue group, or breeder guidelines.

You can inquire from the staff about the puppy’s interaction with kids, people, other dogs, and cats. You can observe his interaction yourself if you are permitted. 

4. Ensure the Puppy is Healthy

Shelter dogs are most likely to be exposed to health issues than those from rescue groups and breeders. Therefore, a thorough inspection to verify the health of the puppy is necessary. 

Check for eye discharge, dirty or runny nose. 

You can ask to see the dog’s poop. Yep, you have to; after all, you’ll be the one cleaning after the dog when it does this. Hence, it is best you don’t go home with a dog that has diarrhea. Those poops can be more difficult to clean. 

Also, ask if the dog has any illness if it looks ill.  

5. Pick your Pup

After going through all the above, you can then choose the Akita puppy that tickles your fancy.

6. Perform all the Necessary Adoption Guidelines

The shelter staff, rescue group workers, or breeder will discuss with you all the things you need to do to make the adoption official. This varies from one center to another, but ensure you do all that is asked of you. 

7. Pay the Required Adoption Fees

The adoption fee also varies, but you must pay them to take full custody of the puppy. Some fees are higher because they include neutering, spaying, and vaccination costs. Click here to learn why you ought to spay/neuter your dog.


That is how simple it is to adopt an American Akita Dog. Do you own an Akita dog, how was the adoption process? We would love to hear about your experience. 


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