How to crack NEET without coaching

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The National Eligibility and Entrance Test (NEET) is the country’s sole medical entrance exam for all medical programmes. Every year, over 16 lakh people apply for NEET, which is administered by the National Testing Agency (NTA). NEET scores are used to determine admission to MBBS, AYUSH, BDS, BVSc, and AH programmes. In the face of tough competition and a limited number of places, passing the exam with flying colours is critical. While coaching is a frequent tool utilised by many students, there have been toppers who have passed the NEET exam without it. High marks are entirely feasible with the right direction, a clear study plan, some clever thinking, and a lot of hard work.

Candidates who are thinking about how to prepare for NEET without coaching should make sure that the plan is viable. Strategic preparation and focused execution of the strategy will assist candidates to see through the process of How to Prepare for NEET 2022 without Coaching, as difficult as it may appear. Many toppers and experts believe that persistent self-practice is a key aspect in achieving success in the NEET UG exam.

How to prepare for NEET?

Attempting NEET without coaching will necessitate a great deal of devotion and hard work. Here are a few excellent ways for assisting candidates in achieving good exam scores in NEET without any coaching:

  • Know the Syllabus – First and foremost, familiarise yourself with the entire syllabus. To minimise confusion during the tests, be prepared with the syllabus from the start of the year. Knowing the syllabus will also assist you in creating study programmes that are appropriate for your level of comfort.
  • Accurate Information – Keep track of all NEET exam-related activity at all times. Keep up to current on exam dates, application deadlines, merit list deadlines, paperwork, eligibility requirements, and other pertinent information.
  • Strategic Study Plan – Develop a solid study strategy and stick to it religiously. Every hour should be meticulously scheduled and adhered to in your study schedule. Also, to avoid stressing yourself when conducting a qualitative study, make sure your study schedule and hours play to your strengths.
  • Choosing the Right Study Material – Choosing the right study material is just as crucial as knowing the NEET syllabus and practising. Make sure you select a study resource that is both simple to comprehend and comprehensive. This makes studying both simple and enjoyable.

Important Topics to cover for NEET

Knowing the different significant themes contained in the NCERT Book and NCERT Solutions is a vital element of preparing for NEET on your own terms. This will assist you in identifying your strengths and weaknesses so that you may tailor your study method properly.

Covering all the topics and getting your base cleared is the first step in acing NEET without any coaching and most of the students either face doubts in Chemistry or they take it too lightly so make sure you go through the Important Questions for NEET  and Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry to not make the same mistake.

Important Tips to clear NEET without coaching

Candidates who attempt to prepare for NEET without coaching must put in a sincere effort. Following the tactics outlined below will aid students in their quest to pass the country’s largest medical admission exams.

  • Previous Year’s Papers to Solve- This is one of the most crucial aspects in NEET exam preparation. Students will gain an understanding of the paper pattern by completing them, allowing them to prepare accordingly. This will also assist students in identifying significant topics and the various weightings associated with them.
  • Mock Exams on the Internet- Students are recommended to take as many online mock examinations as possible in order to ace their exam preparation. This will help students increase their speed and accuracy when answering questions. Taking mock tests can also assist students in honing their time and pressure management skills in preparation for the real exam.
  • Take some time to unwind and pamper yourself- It is unquestionably critical to not lose any time and to prepare thoroughly for the exam. However, if you solely study without taking any breaks, you will become weary and your understanding abilities will suffer. As a result, set aside some time in your study schedule to engage in other pleasant activities. This will help you study more effectively by calming your mind.
  • Maintaining a timetable- Your approach to studying for the exam will undoubtedly differ from that of others. Preparing a time schedule and sticking to it is crucial for NEET preparation without coaching. It is critical to build a practical timetable and keep to it in order to prepare for NEET without coaching. To do well in NEET, you should plan a schedule that covers all courses equally, allows you to work on your weak points, and still gives time for revision and mock tests.
  • Practising as much as possible- Practise, practise and practise some more until you’ve nailed it. The more questions you answer and the more exams you take, the better your chances of passing the NEET exam are. Mock tests and previous year’s question papers are useful resources. Knowing what types of questions to expect on the actual exam will help you prepare. Another advantage is that you lose exam anxiety and take the proper steps on exam day.

General tips for studying for NEET

When preparing for NEET without coaching, you must recognise that you must use all of the resources available to you. This includes online and offline prep resources, teachers at school, seniors, and friends.

  • Be honest with yourself and stick to your study schedule and goal.
  • Make an effort to cover all of your weak points and topics so that you can easily answer these questions in the exam.
  • Choose things that you enjoy and that help you relax to de-stress and boost concentration.
  • When needed, get assistance from your school teachers, seniors, and peers.
  • Distractions such as the phone, social media, and other electronic devices are strictly prohibited throughout your NEET preparation without coaching.
  • Concentrate on the big picture of becoming a doctor. That should be plenty of reasons.
  • Adequate sleep is essential for maintaining mental balance and maintaining a healthy body.
  • Finally, maintaining a positive and balanced mindset will help you prepare for NEET without the need for coaching.


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