How to Drive up your Father’s Day Sales with Online Marketing

Fathers Day

Our dads are our biggest fans – from wanting us to have the best in life to making sure all our late-night ice-cream cravings are satisfied to giving us some of the best advice we’ll ever get, they really aren’t appreciated enough for all that they do. And with father’s day around the corner, you have the opportunity to give back to them and make them feel special. 

And for all the businesses out there catering to gifts for the men in our lives with father’s day sales, this is a great time for growth. Of course, successful sales won’t simply come from the best range of products – although that’s a precursor – instead, you’ll need to employ some serious marketing. And what better way in today’s world than online marketing? 

Here’s how you can promote your father’s day sales with online marketing:

1. Design compelling posters

Posters are great – not only are they visually stunning, but the best ones also hold all the right information in a way that makes taking it in a breeze. Posters don’t require us to clear our heads and focus, instead, they get the message across in a matter of seconds and stay with us long after, which is why you should use father’s day posters to promote your sales. 

Choose aesthetics that match your company’s branding and a design that doesn’t overwhelm. And of course, since you’re looking to promote your father’s day sales, then be sure to make the sales portion really pop out – no one minds checking out a good deal!

As for the design, you don’t have to worry if you’re not a pro-designer – most people aren’t and they manage to get by just fine by leveraging some of the best in design tools. The current hotspot? PosterMyWall. Not only is PosterMyWall’s poster maker easy to learn and use, it’s actually fun, which makes the design process that much more interesting! Add to that the range of customizations that you can make on the platform and the fact that it comes free of charge, and it’s clear why PosterMyWall is slowly becoming a business favorite! 

2. Employ Google Ads for greater reach

There’s nothing quite like scrolling away on your laptop only to be reeled in by an advert on the side, curiosity getting the best of you, and ending up with a smaller bank balance thirty minutes later. But as a business, that’s exactly what you should be targeting, and Google Ads can help you get there. 

Set up campaigns targeted to promote your father’s day sales by identifying keywords and using appealing visuals that highlight the discounts and deals that you’re offering. Of course, be sure to strategize and keep your budget within limit, so you don’t end up spending more than your sales will bring in!

3. Be seen on the Instagram scene 

Instagram has quickly gone from a casual image-sharing app to one of the biggest marketing platforms out there. With users from across the globe and from different demographics, strategic Instagram marketing will help you reach more customers than ever before, and with a father’s day sale to promote, customers will come flocking – no one misses a good sale!

Start by creating an optimized profile and be sure to add your website and contact details in your bio, and then populate your page with visually stunning posts. Make sure that your posts align with your company’s branding and lay emphasis on the amazing sales that you’re holding for father’s day. And of course, play into the algorithm by adding keywords and high-trending hashtags to increase your content’s reach – and hence your sales! 

So, with father’s day approaching there’s really no better time to start promoting your sales – and these online marketing tips are going to help you get there, and build some loyal customers in the process! 


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