How to get more than 100,000 organic Facebook likes without ads


I have always had a social media preference.

I hadn’t found it a “real” commercialization platform until a few years ago.

Now I’m sure the opposite is real.

I contacted Great Black Speakers friend Lawrence Watkins back in 2014 because I was terrific about his Facebook performance.

At that time, he only liked 30.000 pages.

I’ve been blown away since Lawrence told me he didn’t use publicity to get those like it.

Not only so, but his Facebook page led to an increasing number of companies by traffic and e-mail subscribers.

But here’s the matter of using social media as an entrepreneur—it’s a long-term game.

It needs continuous attention and you might not see immediate results.

But often the results are worth a long-term effort, as you will find with my friend Lawrence above.

1. Can a Facebook page grow my business?

It turns to be just as important to Lawrence’s advice in 2014.

In this article, I will show you a few of the strategies that I have learned from Lawrence on how to make your business page like organic buy Facebook likes.

This will allow you to increase your scope, eventually allowing you to obtain more track records and sales.

Traffic – A large, dedicated Facebook fan base corresponds to the growth in Facebook website traffic.

Development of the email list – As marketing on your Facebook business page is called “demand generation” rather than lead generation (because you don’t want a direct answer first), it is easy to track your fan from the Facebook page into landing pages which results in more email registration options.

Leads – You can often post offers that lead to the direct response after building a Facebook Fanbase through your profile. These involve transactions or an application for consultation. That said, direct bids would be less efficient than indirect bids (such as offering a free e-course or downloadable report). This is because indirect deals provide you with a better chance to inform and fire up prospects.

You transfer people to higher and higher levels from the lower levels of expertise and loyalty to a client.

Sales – sales are directly linked to production solutions. Increasing leads also leads to higher sales. These companies will sell sales to their Facebook fans directly for B2C companies with the purchasing scale of smaller companies than B2B.

A growing Facebook business page also correlates in this scenario with a growth in sales. B2B companies may do the same, but a long-term strategy is needed.

So be it a small business owner, a marketer or a startup contractor? Or you wonder if your digital marketing firm can be extended—any of the above results are desirable.

2. How do you know if Facebook is right now for you to market?

If your target audience is on Facebook, every issue is reasonably uncompromising.

TechCrunch estimates that Facebook users and counting are over two trillion active.

When you decide whether to expand your Facebook page for your company now, ask yourself these more questions:

Can you think of content that, though still relevant to your main company, is educational or inspiring?

Can you make continuous efforts to post fresh and appropriate content on a regular basis every week? Notice that the quantity of content marketing enhances traffic.

Do you need advice now, or are you prepared to invest long-term (plant seeds and spring harvests)?

Can your brand deliver something in which people can associate themselves? Is it linked as an entity to who they are?

3. Is it easier for the B2B or B2C business to sell the Facebook page?

This is also a central issue in evaluating whether to invest in a marketing campaign for Facebook.

I think Facebook is more appropriate for businesses like B2C than for businesses like B2B.

Why does this happen?

Most on Facebook, as described above, are there just to “waste” time.

You never think about shopping for services such as website design, e-mail marketing software, CRM software, or call center services.

In 2015, however, The Drum said that both online and off-line, Facebook has played a 52% role in customer buying decisions.

In 2014, just one year ago the figure was just 36%.

Therefore, for most businesses, Facebook can be a profitable marketing channel.

The main point in this is that you need a longer-term approach to Facebook if you are a B2B business.

As I will show you in this post, the content marketing approach comes in the main in a B2C format.

Here are some tips about how much B2B and B2C businesses should be written.

Upload amusing cartoons and customer service notes or something related to working twice a week in your office.

Post a regular tip for customer service with an overlaid image of a friendly, competent call center with your brand.

Post local news or activities once a week with a fascinating picture.

Please take into account the question: “Have you looked at the nearby haunted house in downtown Houston? “

Create amusing cartoons, memories, or something related to working in a business twice a week about poor customer service.

Post a regular customer service tip with a picture of a professional, friendly call center with a brand on top.

Post local news or activities once a week with an amazing image.

Take into account the questions: “Are you in downtown Houston searching the nearby haunted house yet? “You are also placed as a preferred service provider.


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