How To Improve Webcam Footage Using Discord ?

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Hey guys today we’re looking at how to get your webcam footage looking like this to this with many of us now working from home it’s important to keep a level of professionalism in your setups whether it be for live streams podcasts presentations or just catching up with your discord pfp. we’re going to be doing this by going over some household items that you already have access to to enhance your footage as well as going over a couple of accessories to enhance the quality. 

Right now i’m working with a laptop’s webcam uh so how on earth do we start making this look better well number one is the angle you don’t want to look at my nose i don’t want you to look up my nose this angle is even more unflattering when you’re working in complete darkness illuminated by the screen light. 

You look like you’re out of horror film organ portraits should be eye level and here is no exception this can easily be sorted with the help of a laptop stand a couple of books or a box if you have one lying around the house now that we’re eye line we need to create some depth between myself and the background right now i am way too close to this wall and it’s not really doing anything in terms of the shot. 

I feel like we can create a bit more depth between myself and the background and that’ll help out our entire lighting process. so i’m actually going to rotate my setup round come have a journey with me we’re going to rotate around around yeah that looks a bit better i didn’t plan this at all this is much better and clearly has a lot more space in it. 

This is definitely looking a lot nicer and a bit more professional but um not to sound like your mum but clean your room. we may be stuck inside but we don’t want the person on the receiving end of a phone call or presentation to think that we’re a bit messy might give the wrong impression. 

This is a tip so i’m going to clean it now time lots of times having a great time much better right now we’re looking a lot better than what we were but we’re very flat and a bit lifeless to be honest we need to create some contrast and separation between myself and the background one of the first things that i’m going to be adding oh god what’s this one oh tom you really fudged. 

This one up the first thing we can do to enhance the quality of this image is introduce a new light this light is just going to sit by my desktop and be able to act as a thing that’s looking a little bit bright so i might turn that down just a touch lovely without with without with now i know you’re thinking. 

I don’t have a ring light a nice simple alternative to the   ring light is to actually increase the brightness of your monitor or introduce a desk lamp does the same thing all you’re doing with this technique is just adding some light onto your subject so your webcam can do its thing and there’s no problems at the moment there is no daylight coming into the scene. 

But there is a very large window beside me if there was a large amount of light coming into this if i redirected myself to face that window and allowed that daylight to come through it would do the same thing as the ring light embrace the light and it shall guide the way another thing that i’ve done is add this practical light in the background. 

This is a really nice way to bring some atmosphere and depth to your scene and also create a little bit of divide between myself and the background that way you’re not blending all into one now for the purposes of this tutorial being bearable i am using an external mic if i was to switch to the built-in one i sound a little bit of crackly. 

It becomes even worse when i start typing to me in this up and avoid bothering anybody else that may be in the room we can throw on a set of headphones head phones like these ones are perfect because of where the mic is actually sitting it’s in a great positions where i can be moving around and doing things and it’s still going to be right by my mouth as opposed to the built-in mic. 

Where if i was to be moving away back and forth you can hear my audio displacement the one thing to keep an eye on however is this rubbing up against any clothing or after press we’ve been restricted by whatever the laptop actually comes with which is the default things in most cases this is a hd 1080p webcam but there are a couple of external accessories   that we can add to heighten the quality and the result of our image a first obvious option is an external webcam.

These are easy usb plug-in options that can now come in up to 4k resolution but if 4k sounds like too much for what you need then you can actually use your phone as a webcam apps like Epoccam can link with your computer or laptop with most phones these days you’re looking at a 4k camera with a fantastic result for things like podcasts and everything else in between a blue yeti mic is a simple solution for clean audio as they can simply plug in via USB and immediately improve your sound quality lastly.


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