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How to Know Jio Number: A Comprehensive Guide

With the rapid growth of mobile phone usage in India, it is essential to know how to find your Jio number. Jio, a telecommunications company, has become one of the leading providers in the country, offering affordable plans and excellent network coverage. In this article, we will explore various methods to help you easily find your Jio number. Whether you are a new Jio user or have been using their services for a while, this guide will provide you with valuable insights.

Why Knowing Your Jio Number is Important

Before we dive into the methods of finding your Jio number, let’s understand why it is crucial to have this information readily available:

  • Identification: Your Jio number serves as your unique identification in the Jio network. It allows you to make calls, send messages, and access various services provided by Jio.
  • Recharge: To recharge your Jio number, you need to know the number associated with your account. Without this information, you may face difficulties in recharging your account and availing the benefits of Jio plans.
  • Customer Support: In case you encounter any issues with your Jio services, customer support may ask for your Jio number to assist you effectively. Having your Jio number handy can save you time and ensure a smoother resolution process.

Methods to Find Your Jio Number

Now that we understand the importance of knowing your Jio number, let’s explore different methods to find it:

Method 1: Using the MyJio App

The MyJio app is a convenient way to manage your Jio account and access various Jio services. Here’s how you can find your Jio number using the app:

  1. Download and install the MyJio app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  2. Open the app and log in using your Jio ID and password. If you don’t have a Jio ID, you can create one by following the on-screen instructions.
  3. Once you are logged in, you will see your Jio number displayed on the home screen of the app.

Method 2: Using USSD Code

If you don’t have access to the MyJio app, you can find your Jio number using a USSD code. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the dialer on your Jio phone.
  2. Dial *1# and press the call button.
  3. Your Jio number will be displayed on the screen.

Method 3: Checking the SIM Card Packaging

If you have the packaging of your Jio SIM card, you can find your Jio number printed on it. Look for a 10-digit number starting with “70” or “90”. This number is your Jio number.

Method 4: Calling Customer Support

If none of the above methods work for you, you can call Jio customer support to find your Jio number. Follow these steps:

  1. Dial 198 from your Jio number.
  2. Follow the voice prompts to connect with a customer support representative.
  3. Provide the necessary details to the representative, such as your name and registered email address.
  4. The customer support representative will assist you in finding your Jio number.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some common questions related to finding your Jio number:

    1. Q: Can I find my Jio number without a SIM card?

A: No, you need a Jio SIM card to find your Jio number using the methods mentioned above.

    1. Q: How long does it take to get a Jio number?

A: When you purchase a new Jio SIM card, it usually takes a few hours for the activation process. Once activated, you can find your Jio number using the methods mentioned earlier.

    1. Q: Can I change my Jio number?

A: Yes, you can change your Jio number by following the number portability process. Contact Jio customer support for more information on how to change your Jio number.

    1. Q: Can I find my Jio number on my JioFi device?

A: Yes, you can find your Jio number on the back of your JioFi device. Look for a 10-digit number starting with “70” or “90”.

    1. Q: Is it possible to find my Jio number using another phone?

A: Yes, you can find your Jio number using another phone by following the USSD code method mentioned earlier. Dial *1# from any phone with a Jio SIM card to find your Jio number.


Knowing your Jio number is essential for identification, recharging your account, and seeking customer support. In this article, we explored various methods to find your Jio number, including using the MyJio app, USSD code, checking the SIM card packaging, and calling customer support. By following these methods, you can easily access your Jio number and enjoy uninterrupted services from Jio. Remember to keep your Jio number handy for a seamless experience with Jio’s network and services.


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