How to meet the mayor of lannach?

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The mayor of Lannach is an honorary position that is filled by someone in the community for one year. 

The person who gets elected is the mayor for a day, and has to donate all the money they make to different charities in Lannach. 

the mayor of lannach can fill in for the mayor if he is not there. Also there are laws that were passed by the mayor.

While Lannach is mostly recognized for its mayor, it is very well known for the Great Pyramids located there.

 It is said that if you feed a pygmy 3 pieces of candy he will let you ride his camel. Approaching the pyramids while yelling “Greedo shot first” will make one disappear before your eyes.

The oldest person in Lannach started out as everybody else, young and immature.

 He soon became one of the most important figures in Lannach’s military, but retired after he was sent to “the place with all the greenhouses. We’re trying to grow some bacon there, but it’s not really working.”

Most of the people in Lannach are quite normal. A traveller from far away once stated that the people of Lannach reminded him of a kid kicking a ball around after school, but no one can confirm or deny this theory.

It is believed that the mayor is why Jacobstown has been able to succeed as a community.

 The mayor wanted someone to display his greatness and decided upon Jacobstown. It has been rumored that he pays them money every month to keep up appearances.

 It has also been whispered that Jacobstown’s continued existence might be due to the fact that he does not want it destroyed for fear of disappointing his ego.

-The mayor will represent the town and attend events. 

-The mayor will be responsible for organizing and taking part in town council meetings. 

-During their time in office, they will take on certain projects to enhance the community such as looking into possibly setting up a museum or starting a recycling program with other towns in the area. 

Responsibilities and duties of a mayor :

1. The mayor is required to attend all regular council meetings. 

The mayor has the right to take part in discussions, but not vote at council meetings.

Other members of council must presume that the mayor has no opinions until it is established that the mayor does have opinions.

2.The mayor is also expected to attend meetings of any committees of which they are a member. 

The term ‘city council meetings’ applies both to gatherings of all members simultaneously, and also to ‘committee’ or ‘panel’ gatherings where one or more councillors are discussing matters with officers or other citizens, or representatives of other bodies (such as chamber of commerce).

3.As mayor, you are expected to organize and take part in town council meetings. 

The term ‘town council’ is used to refer to all members of the town council acting together, or to a smaller group of members (a quorum) who are attending a meeting.

4.The mayor is expected to help on the following: 

a. Youth community involvement: 

The mayor is expected to help with youth projects and events and encourage youth involvement in town activities and committees. 

b. Community project : 

The mayor is expected to look after a community project such as a new walking trail or starting a recycling program with other towns in the area. 

5.The mayor will represent the town and attend events such as: 

a. openings, ribbon cuttings etc.

b. special family days.

c. business promotions.

d. anniversaries, historical celebrations.

6.The mayor does not have to: 

a. pay for any costs that might be associated with this position.

e. sign into/ out of council meetings if they are in attendance.

7.The mayor must represent the town and try to involve the town’s people in community projects and events 

There can be one or more than one person serving as mayor per year. 

The mayor will continue to perform the role until they resign, or their term expires at the next election which is held every three years in November on election day when citizens vote for their representatives, including members of council and mayors. 

The next election will be held November 3, 2017 .

8.The mayor will have their own office in the town hall. 

A room in the town hall is allocated to them for this purpose. 

9.The Mayor’s salary is £20,000 per annum. 

This may include expenses incurred in helping with projects, attending council meetings etc. 

10.The mayor must not be one of these: 

a. a staff member or an office bearer in a political party or group.

b. be a member of any other voluntary body that gives advice or comment to the council, not just about community issues, but about any issue that the council will have to discuss at a meeting. 

c. have been employed by the council during the current year for more than six months, either as a full-time or part-time staff member or as a contractual worker. 

d. be 17 years old and under 18 years old.


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