How to Pick the Perfect Bitcoin Exchange for You

Bitcoin Exchange
Bitcoin Exchange

Bitcoin is the most traded cryptocurrency of all. It is obvious because it is the highest valuable Financial Market. Not only that, but bitcoin has also entered into the highly-rated asset class investment and is currently compared with gold. 

A study shows that as of March 2022, over 81 million people have invested in bitcoin, and the number is increasing day by day. As a direct result,the number of bitcoin exchanges is also increasing, and people, especially newbies, are facing difficulty in choosing the correct one among them. But, with some tricks and methods, it is quite easy to select the authentic bitcoin exchange that will meet your need.

Overview of Bitcoin Exchange Platform

Before selecting an exchange and getting into a bitcoin investment, one must understand what a bitcoin exchange is and what role it plays. A bitcoin exchange platform is a trading platform or a digital marketplace that enables bitcoin trading between different traders and facilitates making a profit out of it.

The role of a bitcoin exchange is to provide a way to trade or invest in all the cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin. It must have an easy-to-use interface that a newbie can easily understand. Some exchanges come in the form of mobile applications as well as a website like the BitIQ.Here you will get all the information and update on crypto trading. With a simple registration, you can start your investment journeyand also get all the updates on the crypto market. 

Choosing A Reliable Bitcoin Exchange Platform- Points To Note

Multiple numbers of bitcoin exchanges often make new investors puzzled about selecting the authentic one. But, some security measures and quality check-ups can help them do the work easily.

  • Reputation: Market reputation is a good indication that tells you whether the exchange would be authentic or not. So, try to find out if the exchange that you have chosen has a good reputation in the market or not. You can also make a list of some reputed exchanges, among which you will continue your research and selection.
  • Customers’ reviews: This tip will always help you. You can check the customers’ reviews online. Also, if you know some people who have been using the exchange for a long time, you can talk to them and get some reviews. Depending on the good feedback, you can cut down the list you have made on the basis of reputation.
  • Rules and regulations: As the bitcoin network is not controlled by the government or any bank, it has no single rules and regulations, as do the bitcoin exchanges. Different exchanges set their own rules and regulations.
  • Charges: Sometimes, charges will tell you about their authenticity. Different platforms can charge differently. Such as, centralized platforms charge more than decentralized platforms. Because centralized platforms are controlled by exchange companies, they charge some regulatory fees along with transactional fees. But, if the amount of charge in exchange is quite high, there might be a chance that the exchange is not authentic, and it needs more research on it.
  • Official address: If possible, it is suggested to choose a platform that is not so far from you. Make sure your chosen bitcoin exchange has its official address list on its website. The reason to do this is that you can visit their office at least once before you register with them. It will make you clear about their authenticity.
  • Registration process: The registration process of the bitcoin exchange must be transparent. Make sure that you provide your real identical proof at the time of registration. 
  • Trading facilities: Different platforms work in different ways. Select the one that offers a clear and easy way of trading. Also, it must facilitate you to trade between all the cryptocurrencies you want and with fiat currencies too.
  • Tools provided: Some bitcoin exchanges provide various risk mitigating tools and market analysis tools. Make sure to check that your selected platform is also offering them.
  • Price of cryptocurrencies: The price of cryptocurrencies varies on different platforms. When choosing a bitcoin exchange platform, you must cross-check with other platforms in the field and relate them. Then, choose the one that offers the best prices.


Choosing the right bitcoin exchange is not a big work. You just have to keep these selection methods in mind and know about the basic facilities that an exchange must provide.


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