How to Record Your Screen on PC A Widely Applicable & Free Way

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 It’s easily a first thought to record your computer’s screen when you happen to meet some intriguing content that couldn’t be downloaded or participated. While what could PC druggies do when they need to record the screen and edit the videotape after recording? This blog is then to help and resolve the problem which says How to record your screen on PC? One free ways would be illustrated below 

 For All the Personal Computer Owners

A better option to record the screen of PC is introduced then – iTop Screen recorder. A professional screen recorder that offers HD quality videotape and the audio recording as well as multiTopctional videotape editing tools. And then’s how you can use this free screen recorder to break the problem How to record your screen with sound on PC? 

 Step 1. Download iTop Screen recorder. It supports all the Windows performances after 7 with no limitations and redundant conditions. 


 Step 2. Set videotape preferences according to you. 


 Step 3. Click the red button ‘REC’ and start to record the content that you want to validate. 

You can also use hotkeys to record your screen more snappily as in the picture shown below. F9 to start record, F10 to break or renew recording, and F11 to take a screenshot during recording. These hotkeys are also could be customized by your inclination.

 This tool enables you to record any interface of your PC including your desktop and Train Discoverer. No recording limitations would appear during the whole process you use this recorder. 

iTop Screen Recorder Also Has Some Useful Features

This screen recorder Windows 10 has some really useful function that you may be fond of. 

 1. Flexible screen prisoner 

iTop Screen recorder enables you to record any part of your screen flexibly. You just need to choose ‘Select Region’ as the picture shown below. 


 2. No lagging while HD recording 

This software is powerful enough to support recording at 4K resolution as well as 60 FPS.

 3. Multiple affair/ convert formats 

The format of a videotape could be colorful if you use this recorder and the format could be converted according to your factual situation. Above all, iTop Screen recorder is the stylish answer to the question which says how to record your screen on PC for free. 

How to Edit the Videotape That You Have Just Recorded?

 Utmost recording tools don’t give the point of editing vids and you need to use another software to edit, which is tricky and time- consuming. iTop Screen recorder realized that and developed a videotape editing point for you. You can edit the videotape after recording by clicking the‘Edit’ button. 


 Besides all the functions mentioned below, iTop Screen recorder keeps streamlining and seeking to give you more important features. 

The End 

 That’s all the content about how to record your screen on PC and iTop Screen recorder is presented to you. It’s easy to operate and applicable for all PC owners. 


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