How to win a Warzone Payload match

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The latest content in Warzone season 4 is the new mode named Payload. Along with new operators, weapons, and plots, this new mode has created a huge buzz in the gaming world. 

In this mode, two huge teams battle against each other, which is quite different from the standard battle royale Warzone games. Through this article, you will know several tips and tricks that will help you to master this brand new mode called Payload. But before discussing further, we need to understand what Payload mode is all about.

What is Payload mode?

Payload Warzone mode is quite similar to Overwatch, but new features have been added to the Payload mode to keep it interesting. In this version, two teams are formed. Each team has 20 members. One team escorts the objectives through different checkpoints, spread all around the map when the other team tries to stop them. 

The first gang, which successfully achieves its objective, wins. The attackers can also put some obstacles in the way to prevent the progress of the other team. There will be three rounds where both teams will take turns and safely escort the Payload to its destination.

The concept of this mode is very simple. But to move the Payload from one point to its destination, a lot of teamwork is required. Moreover, you have to defend it constantly from the attackers. Other than that, it is a very fast-paced game, so you cannot rest even for a second while the game is on.

Most useful tips to win victory

Payload is the first mode that is purely objective-based. Before this, no other battle royale games had any specific objective. So, if you want to master this mode, you have to change your play style. Below, some of the best tips are listed to help you win every battle in Payload mode. So, try these Warzone cheats:

  1. Stay focused on the objective

This may seem an obvious suggestion, but most players focus on making more kills and attacking enemies. This is a huge mistake done by new and seasoned players. When playing an objective-based game, always keep your focus on the objective. 

Moving around the map and attacking unaware enemies may seem thrilling, but you must focus on your task at hand. No matter how many enemies you have killed, they will be the winner if the other team completes their task before you. 

  1. Protect your Payload

When you only have a few members left in your team, focus on protecting the Payload. Without your objective, you will lose the battle. So, patrol your surrounding area so that no attacker can launch any successful attack. 

Whenever you see any enemy is trying to attack the Payload, go for an instant kill. Standing close to the objective is not always mandatory, but keep your eyes on the objective and its surroundings.

  1. Choose best load-outs

Payload is very different from other modes of battle royale games. This version will have longer gunfights, which gets more brutal as you come closer to the endpoint. So, you cannot use your standard weapons in such an intense gunfight.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re on the attacking or defending team, you need better guns. So, always choose the best gun that brings out your unique skills to win this mode.

  1. Keep the objective moving

If you move the objective to its destination, your role is quite easy. Just keep the vehicle moving and kill whoever comes your way. You can get killstreaks by using recon contracts. It will also give you cash when you complete the contract. With the cash, you can buy armor and ammo. Thus, you can easily take the Payload through all checkpoints without suffering from any severe damages done by the attackers.

  1. Put obstacles on the road

If you are attacking the Payload, do not focus on killing all your enemies. Yes, when you kill all the enemies, there will be no one to push the vehicle, but this play can backfire easily. So put as many obstacles on their road as possible to slow down their speed.


Though this is a fast game, you should never rush through it. As it has three rounds, you have to be good at attacking and defending. That is why every player needs to polish their skills and keep practicing. So, use these tips and update your game style to win victory in the Payload mode.


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