Human face coin purse

guido fua yfrNSdGn TE unsplash
guido fua yfrNSdGn TE unsplash

This beautiful “Face Coin Purse” is a handmade coin purse that holds approximately 10 U.S. dollars in change

 at the same time you are able to see 3-D renders of their face with each denomination. 

The super cute Etsy item is made out of faux leather and comes in eight different colors, 

for instance, black, brown, cream, dark green, light blue, pink pearl, red or white.

 The lid has tiny compartments on both sides to hold coins in addition to the one large compartment for bills if needed.

The artwork on this handcrafted item is handpainted with acrylic paint by artist Anna Sofie Roalfe whose work is highlighted 

Anna says, “I have recently started doing 3D renders of people’s faces to use on coin purses

 I make for myself and friends who are into the same sort of things as I am.” 

Anna has an Etsy shop with various artwork that can be purchased.

This item can be purchased online at Etsy for $32.00 USD. mouth coin purse

This item is not available right now due to its popularity which is why it’s sold out .

The website is where the “Face Coin Purse” can be purchased .

It is not known when it will be available again for purchase.

This article has been written by the Grim Reader team of writers that are thankful to Anna Sofie 

Roalfe for creating this cozy unique item that everyone will enjoy!

 Best of luck to Anna in her future endeavors! Keep up the good work!

 Today, the latest strain of the Ebola virus has risen to epidemic proportions in West Africa. 

According to statistics released by the World Health Organization, there have been more than 1,200 cases of Ebola detected in Sierra Leone alone.

 These numbers are reportedly 10 times higher than what was expected by health officials , 

and could potentially threaten whole regions if steps are not taken to prevent the illness from spreading. 

The WHO has identified this particular strain as “the most severe” of all current Ebola outbreaks. 

To date, there have been more than 6,500 cases recorded since the outbreak began last December .   

  It is reported that this particular strain of Ebola can cause people to bleed out internally through nose and mouth .    

 Most people are not able to detect , or are unaware that the Ebola virus has spread within their bodies because it doesn’t cause any symptoms. 

The virus will only be detected once it has reached a certain level of blood contamination , usually via a physical examination .  

   The Ebola virus primarily affects people between the ages of 20 and 40. Of those infected, there have been more females than males reported .   

  According to medical experts, if this current outbreak continues to reach deadly levels, 

the WHO estimates that there could be as many as 10,000 cases reported by January of next year. 

According to reports, an estimated 85% of the victims are located in Sierra Leone alone .

     The current outbreak of the Ebola virus began in Guinea, and has since spread to Liberia and Sierra Leone.    

What is Ebola?

Ebola (EBOL-uh) is a severe, often fatal disease in humans, 

usually transmitted to people from wild animals and spread through direct contact with bodily fluids . 

Humans can also become infected through contact with an ill person’s blood or other body fluids .

 The primary symptoms of Ebola include: high fever , severe headache and weakness , diarrhea , vomiting or stomach pain , and sore throat . 

Typically, these symptoms develop within 2 to 21 days after exposure to the disease.    

 Once diagnosed with Ebola , there is no specific cure for the virus. But it has been discovered that exposure to the virus can lead to powerful immunity against future infection.   

  The Ebola virus disease , also known as Ebola hemorrhagic fever , is a severe, sometimes fatal illness in humans. 

The Ebola virus is found in several African countries, including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, Uganda , Ivory Coast and Gabon.

 It can also be found in Central Africa, South America and Asia.

 The virus causes sudden onset of fever accompanied by abdominal pain, vomiting blood or both within two to 21 days after exposure to the virus .    

 This type of Ebola is named for the river near where it was first identified, in what is now Democratic Republic of Congo .   

  The Ebola virus is a member of the family Filoviridae, which also includes other hemorrhagic fever viruses such as Marburg and Lassa . 

    The Ebola virus causes a disease in humans that’s characterized by fever , severe headache , joint and muscle pain , weakness and a sore throat .


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