Implications of condominium neighborhoods for long-term urban revival


Singapore offers a lot of housing options as a solution to its complicated and expensive property market. Singapore has always had a property market that is hard to tackle. This is because of this saturated population. This population is composed of locals and foreigners from all over the world. They are attracted to Singapore as it houses many corporations that offer many job opportunities. These residents, local or foreign, all fight for a decent space for living. That is why Singapore exhibits a complicated property market. 

Residents fight against each other to land the most practical property. There is an emergence of different types of housing to cater to their needs. There are various types of landed property, different types of apartments, and many developers of condominiums. One of the most popular nowadays is condominiums. It is because they present a lot of advantages and provide amenities. These units, like The M Condo, are considered to be one of the most practical options. Penrose Condominium is one of the most popular condominiums today.

However, access to anything might have consequences. As there are high demands for condominiums, the tendency is for developers to build more of them. For example, The M Condo is built to address the high demands for condos. Developers build establishments and buildings where the money is. What they forget to realize or factor in is the long-term effects of these condominium units. The emergence of these condominium units has long-term effects on many sectors. That is in this article, we will talk about the implications of condominium neighborhoods, like Penrose Condominium, to long-term urban revival.


As buildings get older, they tend to deteriorate and lose their quality. This makes the maintenance costs or fees higher. The tendency for landlords is to pass on the burden of maintenance fees to their tenants. Therefore, maintenance fees increase as time goes by. This can even lead to the landlord neglecting the upkeep of their establishments. The neglect of the landlord can cause the resale value of these properties to drop. 

For example, if the property management in Penrose Condominium does not maintain its building, landlords and owners would find it harder to sell units in the long run. This will only be a never-ending cycle as the maintenance is neglected further, the maintenance costs just keep on increasing. This can push owners and investors to abandon the said properties. With this, the remaining tenants and owners are left to shoulder more of the maintenance costs. As the landlords go further down this path, the potential redevelopment of the property may be impossible. For example, if The M Condo property management exhibits this kind of behavior, the development might not last long.


Developers usually try to make their units as small as possible This is to be able to maximize the space therefore increasing profit per development. This has been the trend ever since the emergence of condominiums. However, this may present problems in the long run as they lack flexibility. 

The world is fast changing therefore the demand of consumers easily changes. These small spaces cannot easily be transformed into something new therefore developers would fall short of meeting the consumer’s demands. The future market demands may not be catered by these small spaces therefore developers might lose more. This is why condos like The M Condo keep their spaces relatively bigger than others but keeps them small enough to still be profitable. Other developments like Penrose Condominium also keep their spaces like this to be able to catch up to future changes and adjustments.


The government lays out rules for properties like the M Condo. However, as there is an increase in the application of these condominium developers, there has been a lack of proper inspection and quality assurance. The impacts and other effects of these condo developments have been overlooked as the government has had a hard time keeping up with the new developers. The further emergence of new condominiums like the Penrose Condominium may lead to further neglect of inspection. The new condominiums may be of lower quality as it has been approved without meeting standards. Those following it and Penrose Condominium may have it easy thus high-quality buildings may not be ensured. That is why the government must also be wary and strict when it comes to new developments.

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The Singapore property market has always been complicated and hard to navigate. That is before diving in and purchasing a property, one must do his or her research. Visit us in SRX Property to learn more!


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