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If you’re a redditor, this post has a near 100% chance of being absolutely fascinating.

With reddit being one of the top 10 most visited websites in America, it’s no wonder that 

so many influential people from all over the world have been active on there. In fact,

 Barack Obama even does an “AMA” (Ask Me Anything) once a year to answer questions from other users!

Today we wanted to take a look at some of the top minds on reddit who have either created or run their own subreddits and what they do to give back.

These are some of the most influential people on the internet, and their stories are pretty amazing!

To start off with, Reddit was created in 2005 by programmer Steve Huffman and launched on March 5th 2006. 

It only had 10 users at the time he created it. Within a few years 12 million people were visiting Reddit every month , 

making it one of the most visited websites in America. This fact however does not come without its drawbacks, 

as Reddit is often criticized for being a bastion of negative content . You can read more about 

Reddit here If you haven’t heard of it before, Reddit is a social media website where people post 

links to interesting articles on the web. Other users can then add comments or ‘upvote’ or 

‘downvote’ the link, displaying how many other users have found it interesting. It’s often been 

described as a ‘social bulletin board’ and there are subreddits for everything from world politics, 

to gardening , to cute animals . In fact one of the more popular ones right now is called /r/aww 

or ‘Aww’, which posts photos of adorable animals for people to look at and say ‘aww’. Reddit has 

been so influential, it’s been credited as the source of Obama’s 2008 ‘Hope’ poster, for which 

the designer was paid $85,000. Reddit is a goldmine of information and stories from real people 

that capture a moment in time or a particular event. However it’s not just the average internet 

user who uses Reddit – people from all over the world have taken an interest in sharing their 

stories on their own subreddit. In this post we’ll take a look at some of the most popular 

subreddits that were created by their users in an attempt to highlight or solve problems in their 

community. I’ve included links to the subreddits below, you can check out the links by clicking on 

them. The most popular subreddit on Reddit called “Ask me Anything” (AMA) which is when 

celebrities, athletes and other celebrities take questions from users on their subreddit. The AMA 

format was originated by then-Presidential candidate Barack Obama when he held one in 

August of 2008. They claim that this format generates about 1 million page views per month and 

it’s gone viral in the news recently with over 12 million page views in April 2014 , with some very 

interesting questions and answers coming from famous people like Bill Gates , Mark Zuckerberg 

and Arnold Schwarzenegger . – This subreddit is about the history of Reddit and how it’s evolved 

from its humble beginnings as a ‘reddit killer’, to its current status as one of the top 10 most 

visited websites in the world. It has a great collection of facts and statistics that’ll make you feel 

that you’re part of the ‘Reddit Universe’. – Bored? Check out this subreddit dedicated solely to 

pictures and videos of trains running on tracks. Users can post pictures and videos showing 

what trains look like, whether they’re moving (and if they’re moving, exactly where), or even just 

stuck. It’s helped show how trains work, or at least inspire people who haven’t seen them before 

so they can find out more about them. – The subreddit for those who like to make fun of other 

people, taking things such as hairstyles and clothing and finding the most ridiculous thing they 

can find to photoshop them with. Users post pictures of things they’ve found on the web and 

hope that other users will make them funny. It’s popular because it highlights how ridiculous 

things can be, but also people use this as a way of getting attention and getting their photos or 

videos seen by others for entertainment purposes . – If you like memes, then this is your place. It 

includes funny pictures and images that can be used as sarcasm or jokes. The subreddit has 

over 1.8 million unique visitors every month. reddit top minds

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