Internet Movie Database(IMDb) Rating Scale for Webseries

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IMDb is a website where people go to see what their favorite movies are, but they can also watch TV shows, and it has a rating system for them. 

This rating system is the standard scale which goes from 1-10.

As of now there isn’t an article on IMDb about how this scale works with webseries, so I’m going to help fill that gap! 

This website has a step-by-step guide on how to use the IMDb rating scale for web series episodes. 

It’s also very helpful because they give examples of different ratings so you can clearly see what they mean as more than just numbers.

This guide will go over the ratings system used by IMDb and give an example of how to rate a webseries episode.

The abridged version of the guide can be found below.

As you can see there are 5 categories in the IMDb rating system: Genre, Media, Actors, Directing and Sound. 

If a video doesn’t have any of these categories it’s considered to be an “Unrated” video. If a video has all 5 it is considered to be “Rated.” 

The two most important categories are Genre and Media because they determine what type of movies get rated on this website.

The IMDb rating system can be used to rate any kind of show, but they use the top 5 categories for their website. For example there are no writing credits on IMDb, so if you are watching a webseries episode that only has one person directing it, you can’t really rate it on that category.

IMDb Shows

The numbers to the left represent different media types (analog cable or digital broadcast, etc.). The middle number represents Genres, and the number on the right represents ratings.

IMDb shows that there are certain genres which are apparently not worth writing about. 

So any webseries episode rated under Genre: Music & Musicals will probably get a rating of 5. Also according to IMDb, action films rated under Genre: Action, Adventure or Thriller will probably get a rating of 4, and war films rated under Genre: Military or War will probably get a rating of 7.

This website also gives lists of movies rated as well as the ratings they got on IMDb. 

They have lists on different genres, but I only have categories for the web series genre. 

So if you’re planning on using the IMDb rating system to rate a webseries episode, make sure it fits into one of these genres first. 

You can even find movies that fall into different sub-genres like “Western,” then rate them according to their specific sub-genre.

An example of how I would use the IMDb rating system for webseries episodes:

This is an example of how I would rate a webseries episode if it were my own show. 

In this case I’m going over the 10 part series of “The Lift” by The Higher Universe which goes on YouTube, and this particular video is a pilot for that series.

As you can see, the very first thing you have to do is give the webseries a star rating. 

For my example here’s what I rated “The Lift” by The Higher Universe on: Genre, Media, Actors, Directing, Sound and Unrated. 

On top of that I also gave it a score out of 10. 

IMDb Ratings

My rating for my own show was an 8 out of 10 because it did well in most categories but there were some things that could’ve been better.

In this case they had 12 episodes so I only went over episode 1. 

I used 7 because they had two male actors, but they were only the main characters in these episodes. 

used 6 because they only hit 4 different media types: Analog Cable, Digital Broadcast, DVD and BitTorrent and

I used 4 because they were pretty bad at writing and directing their own show, so that’s how I went over that category. The last one is pretty self explanatory.

Now you can clearly see how to rate any kind of show on IMDb. 

You can look at ratings, reviews and even see picture examples of the different movies. 

This is a great resource for those who are planning on making their own webseries and want to know which categories they need to pay attention to.

And if you have any questions about this rating system, feel free to contact me by emailing [email protected]

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If you have any questions about this rating system, feel free to contact me by emailing [email protected] .


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