Japan Spends Million Technology for Absentee Fans


The Covid-19 pandemic had huge impacts on the sports and gaming industry. Sports events were cancelled with no one knowing the exact date when they could get a chance to cheer on their favourite players or fans. Those who enjoy playing online games were lucky as they could go on and play their favourite games after land-based destinations closed their doors to the public. The best part is that players can benefit from hot spot gry.

Unfortunately, such big events as the Olympics were cancelled, which left millions of fans devastated. Fortunately, Japan’s uppermost telecommunications is receiving about 7.3 billion yen (about $67 million). This is taxpayer money meant to design a mobile tracking application, which can be used to control the spread of the coronavirus in the Tokyo Olympics. 

But there is only one setback, only a few Olympics fanatics will be able to use the software. NTT Communications Group will develop the app in multiple languages, which is expected to launch in June, a month before the event starts. The latter is a local Tokyo games’ sponsor and part of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp. 

Additionally, fans from abroad are also banned from attending the event, which will begin on July 23, as announced by Tokyo Olympic organisers. Note that Japan is restricting people from entering the country due to the pandemic except for returning and essential citizens. Giant marketing company Dentsu Inc. is the one in charge of the official marketing partner of the Tokyo Olympics contributions. Even better domestic sponsors have contributed up to $3.5 billion, which is three times bigger than previous Olympics contributions.

However, not all think that the app is a great idea. According to Kanako Otsuji, this software will only be a waste of money, especially since it is highly likely that there will be no spectators. Moreover, she thinks that this is not the perfect time to design an app for fans.

Users will need to download the app into their phones, which will then be tracked by satellite technology. In a real sense, it is supposed to track infections but is only effective when people will genuinely use it and record their health conditions. The app can also be immensely reliable in warning others around about the outbreaks. 

Last year, the Japanese public was offered a free Covid-19 Contact Confirming Application, popularly known as Cocoa, but it experienced massive glitches. The NTT app will cost 20 times more than the Cocoa application. 

So, How Much is Japan Spending?

Tokyo will be spending about $15.4billion in preparation for the Olympics. However, according to several government audits, this is expected to be at least $25 billion, with $6.7 billion being public money. The pandemic has added to the Olympics costs, even though there will only be a few tourists to increase the local funds. Nonetheless, the app will be either effective or ineffective in helping to curb infections during the Olympics games. We only have to wait and see.


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