Know How You Can Make Your Home Look Posh While Sticking To a Budget!

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In all honesty, making your home look posh has nothing to do with actually investing a lot of money behind home décor. A guest may walk into your house and immediately express how fancy and luxurious your house looks. But the posh appearance is all but a trick. Are you saving for future plans, sticking to a budget, yet desiring an expensive-looking home? You are at the right place, for in this article, we will share some ways to achieve that.

1. Balancing The Lighting

In order to make a room feel upscale, all you need to do is spread out lamps around the space. A room may appear sterile and harsh when one relies only on overhead lighting. Lighting is a key factor in making your interior décor feel expensive. Do not just stick to a study table lamp. A study table lamp is not enough especially for the darker months in winter and autumn. You can give your room a welcoming ambience by keeping lamps on your foyer chests. Pick a table lamp that bounces the light around the space from the crystal base.

2. Mapping Your Photos and Going Large Scale with Your Art

Hanging single photo frames of 8*10 dimensions on a large wall will feel like it is floating in space and sort of dinky. But it would also feel chaotic and cluttered if you stick multiple single photo frames on a wall to go the route of the gallery wall.

Always go big when you are in doubt. Directly print the photos of 8*10 dimensions from the computer or purchase a large mat to place it in a photo frame or 16*20 or 10*13 dimensions in order to make the photo appear important and high-end. You should go large scale in the case of a piece of artwork that speaks to you, for in that way it will make a huge impact and at the same time still feel streamlined and calm.

3. Sticking To Classics

In the case of difficult-to-update and large items like light fixtures, wall colours and furnishings, go neutral so that you can play with patterns, textures and colours in accents and accessories instead. You can transform the whole appearance of your room more easily and that too on a low budget instead of repainting or replacing big items. Usually, classic items are always in trend. Therefore, you can purchase a classic item that is a splurge, for you can be sure that it will sustain for years.

4. The Power of Fresh Flowers

If you have flowering bushes, you would love to run out into your backyard in order to snip some crepe myrtle or hydrangeas branches to stick them in your fancy flower vase. Moreover, pick-me-ups cost less than five dollars.

Whether you have five thousand dollars or fifty dollars, you can always make your house feel posh by being selective about the things you choose to accommodate your interior designing style.  


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